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Garry’s Back!

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  • Sandy Gilbertson

    So glad Garry Meier is back & even more glad Mike McConnell is off the air. Now if we can keep Steve Cochran off the air you’ll be heading in the right direction.

  • helen w.

    keep STEVE C. and get rid of ( what a minute,wait a minute,let me see if I have this right) Johnny B.!

  • Micki

    Thank God so many clever, intelligent people are going to be heard again on WGN. I just don't understand why Garry Meier & his buffoon of a sidekick are sti

    • Micki

      (To finish my statement) I just don't understand why Garry Meier and his buffoon of a sidekick are still on the air.

  • Debra

    I am new to WGN and love it. Now a loyal listener during my morning and afternoon drives. Johnny B was the draw to get me to listen. Love Garry Meier — always makes me laugh. (Hey Micki — loosen up — sometimes ya just need a good laugh to unwind. After a long day of "all business", nice to have a chance to clown around.)

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