Wednesday August 7, 2013 – AM

Bob and Marianne talk to Dr. Tia Rains about egg nutrition, they hear from cardiologist Justin Levisay about Former President George Bush’s condition and discuss the app-overload with Howard Tullman.

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  • Michelle


    I hear exactly what you're saying about those lily white ankles. My ex-boyfriend did the same thing. He spent lots of time outdoors fishing in a t-shirt. His entire head and neck were deeply tanned as well as 3/4 of his arms. He looked like he had a white t-shirt on even when he was shirtless. Then we would get dressed up and he would wear a nice linen shirt with a few buttons opened so you could see the line where his deep red tan ended and his hairy white chest began. It looked crazy. And then he'd cross his legs and show off his creamy white ankles. He always looked like he was wearing white socks.

    I begged, just like yourself, to just let that chest and those ankles see the sun once in a while. Never happened.

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