Lolla Blog 2013 Day 2: Kendrick Lamar, The Postal Service and Mumford & Sons

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By Kristin Decker
WGN Radio

Day 2 of Lollapalooza was a great mash of all types of different music.  I started out with the funk and soul of Charles Bradley.  His set, which included a costume change, was great!  Upbeat, energetic and the crowd was really into it.  Local Natives was next on the list and their chill vibe was the perfect time to sit on a blanket with friends, soak up the sun and plot out the rest of the day.  Things started to get rowdy when Eric Church took the stage.  His country music with hard rock elements drew a bigger crowd than I had expected.  It was evident from the energy in the crowd that country music does have a place at Lollapalooza.

Kendrick Lamar, a 26 year old a west coast rapper, was one of the stars of Day 2.  The crowd seemed to skew a little younger and they knew every word to every rap.  I saw a wheelchair crowd surfing, which got Kendrick’s attention and the fan brave enough to do it, a front row view of the show.

Finally it was time for Mumford and Sons, the headliner of the night.  That side of the park was completely packed of all ages, lots of families and little kids too and I lasted about 5 songs before I headed out to check out Perry’s stage.  Mumford and Sons are so great in a smaller venue and I felt that the festival scene just doesn’t do their music justice.  Steve Angello on the other hand, had the audience over at Perry’s stage in a dance trance.  Beats were pumping through the air and the show was a perfect fit for the mood on a Saturday night.  I had to see what The Postal Service was all about and I felt like they put on a good show but the audience was mostly just anti-Mumford and Sons and needed something to watch.  Funk, country, rap, folk, dance/dub step all had their moment on Day 2.

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Mumford and Sons performs at Lollapalooza on Saturday, August 3, 2013. (Brittany Sowacke / RedEye)