A thank you, for now, from Steve Cochran

Steve Cochran

Trib Tower Postcard——————–

“You can’t go home again.”  Thomas Wolfe


Clearly that guy was wrong.

It took 30 years, 15 or more radio stations, and something more than 9000 shows on the radio before I finally figured it out.  WGN is home.  And I can’t begin to explain how happy I was to be back.

But I’ll try…

The two weeks I filled in on the morning show were the most humbling, most gratifying experience in my career.  The outpouring of support from listeners that took the time to call, text, email, Facebook and Tweet to say they were happy I was back was amazing.  I can’t personally thank each of you so I hope you will let me thank all of you…and maybe answer a few questions in the process.

So how did this happen?


“…the key to success is taking s*#t!”  Jason Bateman as “Nick” in Horrible Bosses


Ah…I don’t take s#*t!  But the answer needs more than that.

Now that I have reached the wise old age of 52 I have great wisdom.  That wisdom tells me that there have been times where I was a pain in the ass.  Yes, I was difficult to work with BUT…that had NOTHING to do with me leaving WGN in 2010.

Without going over every gory detail I simply could not stand what the management then was doing to this once great radio station.  A series of terrible decisions and choices with little or no concern with what the audience thought led to an obvious conclusion.  In my opinion I couldn’t work for those people anymore.  And by the way…they agreed.

So what happens now?


“…this is not our radio station, this is their radio station.”  Orion Samuelson on WGN


The amazing, unbelievable thing is that this patient can and will be saved.

The new management at Tribune are simply the best.  But anyone that knows me knows that I have had a terrible allergy to suits forever.  Yet in two weeks back at the Tower I didn’t break out in hives once.  And people there are smiling again. I have never been more optimistic about the future of 720 WGN on the radio, in video, social media, and on the web.

So regardless of what role I play in the next few weeks, months, and maybe beyond I strongly feel that the loyalty you have shown through good times and baaaaad will be rewarded.  It’s safe now to tell your friends to come back to WGN.

So thank you for the support and the patience.  And thank you for welcoming me home to 720 WGN.


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