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Design STAR Antonio Ballatore transforms FAME Bar Chicago

Designer and star of ‘The Antonio Treatment’ on HGTV, Antonio Ballatore is in town designing the new bar/restaurant Fame. He joins Hannah and Dane in studio to share his process for creating ambiance in this new space, and in restaurants throughout the country.


Designer Antonio Ballatore live in studio. (Hannah Stanley/WGN Radio)


2 Comments to “Design STAR Antonio Ballatore transforms FAME Bar Chicago”

    Charmie said:
    July 21, 2013 at 11:24 PM

    As soon as I saw the art on the wall, the first thing that came to mind was exactly how much art there is out there and wouldn't it be nice, "if"… So glad these artists' work will be seen, affordable and hopefully, lots of art will be available for viewing as pieces begin to sell. Still wish they would have auctioned off the art at Rattlecan for charity or art school scholarships or whatever, before its demise. Hate to see art destroyed. Good to know my favorite designer will be back on a show. Miss his work and miss Chewie.

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