Brian only on Sundays on WGN Radio

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  • Paul

    Congratulations on your new endeavors, Brian. I am disappointed in your diminished role on WGN, but such is life. Regrettably, radio is a very mercurial business.

  • Jack

    Brian Seems like wgn is dissing you, Like take it or leave it. or hit the road . I believe you should look for a sports station as talk show person. I like what you say and the humor you bring to a liberal radio station that I really don't like anyway. They should get rid of bill LEFT instead of you.
    Good Luck, keep us informed. You should look for a better gig, you have talent.

  • Dave N

    Brian is as versatile a talent as one could find. He handled every situation at WGN With style and a true wit which will not be duplicated.He could keep you listening till the end. A IMPOSSIBLE ACT TO FOLLOW !!!

  • Joel

    What a waste! Interesting and entertaining hosts like Brian and Nick continue to have small roles on WGN, while no-talent, never-had-an-original-thought Garry Meier still takes up a huge chunk of airtime each day.

  • Ruth wesenberg

    I am an overniter worker I wish you were on again instaid of Bill. Hang in there maybe they will see the error in their judgement and have you on more gours till then I have had enough of their b-s an done with WGN

  • Carol

    Brian, miss you on Sport Night. Would listen while playing games on my computer. WGN should get rid of Johnny in the morning. He's the worst! Good luck to you on your new endeavor. You will be missed.

  • Dee

    Brian, just love your voice, am gagging with all this Kap!! Switch stations till midnight, do like Bill, but there is too much Nick D. Johnny too loud & mean spirited in morning. Best of luck, hope it works out for you

  • Peggy

    Brian and Andrea were the main reason I got interested in listening to the sports show. I began to actually look forward to it. Now I do not listen at all. Brian was great to listen to when I found him on other time slots. He was informative, funny when subject called for wit or humor, and felt like he was connecting with the average listener more than many of the other hosts. I felt management made another mistake.

  • Curt

    Good luck Brian. I just discovered your decision after the big lineup changes being made. You are a versatile broadcaster over your 7 years on the G. I really enjoyed your broadcast personality when you were doing weekend midnights. It's a tough job economy and take comfort you landed in a good situation with your siblings. God bless.

  • Jeannie

    I can't believe the decision to diminish the time Brian Noonan is on the air. I enjoyed his well spoken, humorous, interesting contributions to the sports night program. The program was lively and well rounded in its audience appeal and now it seems to just be the same old stats and waa-waa-waa talk about sports that just drones on and on for HOURS! I've stopped listening after Garry's finished. Only hearing Brian on Sunday nights makes me sad and I wish for all the fun he brought to the station. How can management not see this mistake? I thought things were getting back on track when Turi disappeared.

  • Marsha

    Sure miss hearing Brian regularly. I agree with Jeannie and Peggy. I've tried to listen to the "new" Kap show and it doesn't work. Brian and Andrea brought that show to where non sports listeners could handle the sports talk. Hoping Brian would fill in one of the midday times. Perhaps Brian will be the "go to" sub for vacationing hosts.

  • Mary Ann Carr

    Have to chime in with a big negative. Since when is a has-been stand-up comic a sports expert? Or a really good radio host? Not in my boook–he just excelled in makin a fool of himself.!!

  • c wilke

    were is Noonan, hate all this crap…nick d is ok. but not for people over 60… cochran is just ok. but what a loss with john williams, i love him. brian was good. we need ,soft spoken people, with news, time and weather. i sleep with my radio.. wind and wbbm, are now with me…. left is ok to…..also alturnitive radio….. were is steve and jonhnie……

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