Eric Zorn discusses the George Zimmerman case

The Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn joined Dean to discuss all the details of the case, and give his opinions on how the trial went down.


Eric Zorn (Bill Hogan / Chicago Tribune)

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  • Caddigan

    Cannot believe the disgusting prejudice shown by DeanRichards. It is so important that the media should support the verdict given and not add to the frenzy ready to erupt. Nobody will ever know the exact truth, but we certainly did not have testimony, etc., available to the jury.

    Dean Richards should be removed from broadcasting immediately. The public and the people calling in deserved far more courtesy

    • Eli

      Were you listening to the same show I was? I had the radio on all morning and at no point did I hear Dean state that the verdict shouldn't be supported or encourage listeners to "erupt." With the exception of the crazy old racist he cut off, I thought the majority of his discussions with the callers and guests were intelligent, respectful and really interesting. With all due respect, you should listen to what's actually being said instead of hearing what you want to hear.

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