Cochran: Jim Tilmon on Flight 214

Aviation expert Jim Tilmon provides analysis on the Asiana crash at SFO, including what was happening in the cockpit just prior to impact, the shockingly low airspeed on approach, and the silver-lining in this tragedy.

Plane crashes while landing at San Francisco International Airport

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  • Colleen

    YEAH! Monday morning and Steve is still here!!!!! I thought it was only for last week. Monday isn't so bad after all. Off to a GREAT start to the week WGN!

  • Wayne

    Great way to start the week, Listening the Steve Cochran. WHAT A WONDERFUL CHANGE OF PACE from John B. At least we can hear some intelligent programming in the morning for a few more days. Steve needs to get a spot back on a permanent basis.Mmmmm morning drive time, perhaps ?!?

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