Cochran: Talking hot dogs on July 4th

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Food Historian Bruce Kraig, author of “Hot Dog: A Global History” and “Man Bites Dog: Hot Dog Culture in America,” tells Steve all about the history and makeup of one of America’s most beloved foods.


A Portillo’s hot dog with everything (Christopher Smith / Red Eye)



  • Ann Belzone

    CONGRATULATIONS to WGN for bringing back Steve Cochran, even if it is for a short time. We missed him so much. We can't stand Johnny B. I hope you see the error of your ways and get Steve back FULL TIME. Then we'll come back too.

  • Jeri Eberhardt

    I used to listen daily to WGN & Steve Cochran (in the car, at home and at work) – until Steve left. I immediately stopped because he was one of the few things left that made this station worth listening to. He is one of the most intelligent & well spoken broadcasters around today, who tells ot like it is and has a heart that comes through in every story he brings forth. WGN went dark the day he left and I too am hoping that this becomes a permanent decision! Sometimes pinch hitters become the best part of the team – come on WGN – step up to the plate!! Thanks for making me smile this morning Steve – I told anyone who would listen to turn on WGN this morning and they told others as well – the word spread like wildfire!!

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