Steve Cochran returns!

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Hour 1: Steve recounts his last day at WGN three years ago, takes calls from elated listeners, talks sports with Dave Eanet and David Kaplan, and more.

Hour 2: Steve considers Edward Snowden’s options in seeking asylum, and welcomes WGN legal expert Karen Conti to discuss the Aaron Hernandez murder case and George Zimmerman trial. Plus he tries to get Dave Eanet to call him “cracker.”

Hour 3: Steve pick’s Rick Pearson’s brain about the latest on Jesse Jackson Jr., the state’s efforts to fix its pension mess, Illinois’ final conceal carry law and the potential field for the Governor’s race. Afterward, Coach Q visits the studio with Stanley Cup in hand.

Hour 4: An old friend calls in from Nashville, Robert Channick explains the Tribune’s purchase of a large number of TV stations, and Tom Skilling talks about the extreme heat wave scorching the west coast.


Steve Cochran


  • happy listener

    So great to hear Steve's voice Monday morning!! Thank you powers above at WGN for bringing him back! Can once again listen to WGN entire morning! When JB comes on, WGN goes off until 10am & Mike McConnell. Don't like JB's sophomoric humor & the 9-10 hour repeat is a waste of time. Not smart enough to fill in full 4 hours that he has to rely on repeating?

  • Edie

    Wow! It was so good to not have Johnnie B on this morning! He is an embarrassment to your station! Steve would be such an improvement! I will come back to WGN in the mornings if Johnnie B was gone from here permanently?

  • Mothar

    Alleluia!! Steve is back. WGN has seen the light!! We can turn on WGN in the morning! Please keep him on the air.

  • Donna


  • Rosie

    It made my day hearing Steve again. I would be so happy to have him wake me up every morning. I think it is time for another change. Bring Steve back. He made me laugh this week like SPIKE ALWAYS DID . I can't wait until tomorrow to hear him again.

  • Bob Mc

    It was nice hearing Steve Cochran on WGN the last several days. It is good to listen to a people person instead of some one who thinks that you can't have a good conversation with the people of Chicago.

  • Ann Belzone

    So great to hear Steve Cochran again, even if it is for a short time. I sure wish he was back full time and then I would come back too. Can't stand Johnny B. Someone, use your head and get Steve Cochran back full time. We miss him so much.

  • Diane Shedlarski

    Finally some mature, intelligent conversation back on the morning show! If Steve is back, so am I.

  • Guest

    I have listened to wgn for close to 40 years and have stopped listening since Brandmeier came on
    in the morning. He is obnoxious and constantly repeats whatever is said,"let me get this right". Please
    we are not idiots that he needs to go over and over everything said to him… And the side kick
    constantly laughing at everything . When I heard that Steve Cochran was back on in the morning. I
    immediately tuned in . Yes, getting back to what WGN use to be…. Please bring Steve back.

  • Diane Powers

    Welcome back, Steve! So good to hear your voice where it belongs! Pay attention, WGN, the "Frat Boy" really needs to go!!!

  • Karen

    I really hope that someone in the top office of WGN takes all of these comments from the listners of WGN to heart and brings back Steve Cochran back…………then call John Williams and get him back and THEN bring back the girls…Cathy and Judy, you lost alot of listners when you let these people go. I know it would be impossible to get Spike to "un-retire" but WGN lost a real treasure when Spike left. I have alot of friends that left WGN when all of there favorite left……..can't tell you how many calls I got to tell me to switch back this week when Steve came on air. LISTEN TO YOUR LISTENERS !!!!!

  • Pat

    I used to listen to WGN all day but I rarely bother to tune in these days. I was so happy when my sister called me to tell me Steve Chochran was on and that changes seem to be in store for this once great station. What a joy to hear his voice again! Please please please bring him back and continue to return to the kind of programming we enjoyed so much! It has been sad to see WGN Radio go so far downhill over the past few years.

  • Mary

    Thanks to Johnny B I have now become a morning news TV watcher. We no longer keep our radio to WGN because we don't listen to the morning show since JB came on. His humor is obnoxious and his interviews are nonsense. WHAT A TREAT TO LISTEN TO STEVE COCHRAN THIS PAST WEEK! We have tuned into WGN again and the radio is on all day thanks to Steve this week. Bill Leff is also good. Hope JB finds another place for his kind of talent. The noon person might do better elsewhere as well.

  • Jolene

    What a nice feeling to turn on WGN and have Steve Cochran back. Johnny B needs to go, WGN lost a lot of listeners to WLS when you brought B. on the show. Class is Back!!!!!

  • Carol

    Welcome back Steve hope you are here permanently. Mornings have been great with intelligent conversation and information and humor.

  • Joe & MaryAnn

    It's so good to hear your voice again we really missed you. Hope they bring you back full time.
    MaryAnn & Joe

  • Bruce Z

    Thank you for bringing Steve Cochran back. (Keep him). Get rid of that idiot John B. The last few days are what WGN is really about.

  • Anonymous

    OMG what a wonderfully welcome sound on GN, the dulcid tones of Steve Cochran!
    Please don’t tease, keep him !!!

  • Nikki Gillespie

    Something tells me I piciked a bad week to sleep late. I just heard your voice yesterday Steve
    and definitely tuned you in this morning. I really love you. More than I realized even when you
    were here full time. Please stay…………..Chicago needs to laugh. I sure do and you're the man
    that makes it happen.

  • Rita

    Bring Steve back. I was so happy to hear his voice. Brought back memories of the good days of the good team that was WGN. Get rid of Brandmeier. He is obnoxious.

    Please. I promise to listen every day!

  • Sue

    I thought I was dreaming…Hearing Steve on the radio again was wonderful. We changed the dial when Brandmeir came on, hating his show. We switch over when Garry comes on. This week WGN has been on all day!!! PLEASE keep Steve on. Best part of our day!

  • Katie

    Love having Steve back at WGN.. He is intelligent and on top of world happening and therefore conducts great interviews. His energy and enthusiasm and love of the job come through and make it such a pleasure to listen to him.
    Also love Garry. I laugh out loud so often. He is great.
    Please bring Steve back and keep Garry.

  • Glad WGN is okay

    I have enjoyed the new (7/2013) change a little. I stopped changing the station after the cubs/ blackhawks games for now- did you know that there are other radio stations out there! My radios were turned into WGN for so long the tuner had a hard time moving.

    Do not like JB type radio – he using old old old material from too many years ago. His style of radio belongs on the other end of the am band. And your making a studio for him to use on a upper floor – make him pay for it. I don't need to know he can't work the equipment.

  • DEE M

    Just want to add my voice to the Welcome Back's to Steve Cochran. Finally, intelligent, interesting guests and conversation. I especially like that Andrea and other personalities joined in the conversation. I've missed that! Brandmeier's bathroom humor, yellling, inability to interview and caliber of guests is just not WGN!

    Also glad to hear the two newly hired ladies are gone. Neither one was a good fit for WGN.

  • Mar

    Please don't bring Kathy & Judy & Steve Bertrand back, I got so tired of the three of them, I know they were not as "stupid"( sorry i used that word) as they acted, and Steve acted like a know it all. I don't like him always arguing with Mike O at the 10:00 show. I turned them off. Glad they moved on. NOW BRING STEVE C. and the OLE crew back that you can get back. How about John Williams too!

  • stop snoring device

    Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly
    long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  • Delle

    Please,please ,please have Steve Cochran on in the a.m. and get rid of the loud,yelling guy who is there now.He is AWFUL!!!! So,so wonderful to have a gentleman and a professionlist on who is great to start the day with.

  • Barbara

    We were delighted to hear Steve on the morning show again. Intelligent and witty conversation

    We were delighted to hear Steve on the morning show! Intelligent and witty conversation. Hope the management is smart enough to keep Steve on permanently. We stopped listening to WGN til Mike came on at 10 am. Welcome back Steve.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing against Johnny B, as there is a place for him. But, delighted to hear Steve Cochran on Wgn again!!! The addition of him and Bill Leff is awesome!!

  • Wanda Garofalo

    In recent years, WGN morning radio has, (IMO) steadily deteriorated. I tried, but it was mostly hard to listen to. I was stunned, then thrilled when I heard Steve Cochran this morning! I often wondered what happened to him. He is a wonderful radio personality, one of the wittiest men I can remember. Please,
    please make him permanent.
    Wanda Garofalo

  • Bernard

    Please keep Steve on in the morning. I stopped listening to WGN a week after that idiot Johnny B was hired

  • KAJ

    It is so good to hear Steve Cochran in the morning on WGN. As long as he's on the air, I will be tuned to WGN again. Otherwise it's on to another station.

  • Mike Pelton

    I tried listening to Brandmeier for about a week and finally gave up: too frenetic and disjointed. I listened elsewhere until Mike McConnell came on. WELCOME BACK, STEVE COCHRAN!!! Consistently entertaining; serious when the subject merits it. I hope the current management team can find a permanent place for him! (also enjoying Bill Leff; hiring Garry Meier was a sign of the apocalypse, but he has worked out VERY well in afternoon drive.)

  • Fred D

    Our family grew up with WGN radio.

    Steve Cochran – Bring him back! A great radio host and genuinely a nice person.
    Mike M – show him the exit door.
    Tell Garry that he can talk into the mike – not shout.
    Johnny B. – this is 2013 not 1980s

  • Tari Vollgraff

    So glad to hear Steve Cochran back on WGN. Quit listening in the morning – couldn’t listen to johnnie B’s show. Guess next week I won’t listen when Steve isn’t there. Bring Steve back!

  • Roger Pieratt

    Back listening in the morning now the Steve Cochran is back. Please make it a permanent return so I don’t have to listen to Johnny B. great to hear you Steve and welcome back!!!!

  • dolores

    keep Steve on in the mornings he is more entertaing and refreshing to listen, when he s not on I just listen to another station till 10;00 when Mike m. comes on.

  • Samm

    What a great surprise! Turned WGN on by accident (don't listen anymore) and heard STEVE COCHRAN! Wow. Come back Steve. Can't stand WGN's programming at all.

  • Kathy Garrett

    Welcome home Steve Cochran! Great to hear you. The changes that go on at WGN make me crazy.sometimes. Let me add my 2 cents to the changes. Johnny B, I didn't care for his style of show years ago and that hasn't changed. I work late nights and I'm just going to bed when he's on. I like to listen to WGN when I'm going to sleep, and I like to wake up to it. I listen to WGN all through the day and night. At home, in my car and on my computer. So back to my opinion, JB, see ya.. Steve C would fill that slot very well. Actually back to the 5-9 morning show, would be great. Mike M, We don't need 5 hours of him, 9-12 would be excellent and enough. Brian N. would fill the spot John W left very well, so Brian 12-3. Love Garry right where he's at. Dave K, 7-10, maybe 11 is plenty. BTW, I hate that Brian and Andrea aren't on with Kaplan anymore. They added so much to the sports show. Kap is so knowledgeable on sports, but he needs a good sidekick. Love Bill Leff, but 1-5 is probably enough.That leaves the 10-1 slot available for something new. We need some ladies on this station. I liked the ladies you had on, but really…1 hour here and there? We never really got to know them. Are the pickings really that slim out in radioland, that WGN can't find a good female personality that people can relate too? Maybe Paula Cooper and Andrea Darlis could do a show together, hmmmm that could be fun!. That's my 2 cents, for what it's worth!

  • Barb

    What more can be said? Thanks for bringing Steve back, and please find a permanent place for him, preferably right where he is now. Would finally be able to listen to WGN again in the morning.

  • Sue Racine

    I hope Johnny B is gone, too early in the morning for him now I can turn the radio on early instead of waiting till he's off!!!!

  • Juju

    Nice to read my thoughts agree with so many. Can't stand Johnny B and what a pleasure to listen to adult conversations with Steve Cochran. I also turn off my radio and forget to turn it back on. WGN has lost a faithful listener with current a.m. hosts. Carol ? was a mistake too, looks like that has been resolved. We want Steve back!!!

  • Marianne

    I hope the WGN Management folks are reading these comments.
    I was so happy to hear Steve Cochran again!
    Pay whatever it takes to get rid of Brandmeier and bring Steve permanently on board for the morning drive

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