Steve Cochran returns!

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Hour 1: Steve recounts his last day at WGN three years ago, takes calls from elated listeners, talks sports with Dave Eanet and David Kaplan, and more.

Hour 2: Steve considers Edward Snowden’s options in seeking asylum, and welcomes WGN legal expert Karen Conti to discuss the Aaron Hernandez murder case and George Zimmerman trial. Plus he tries to get Dave Eanet to call him “cracker.”

Hour 3: Steve pick’s Rick Pearson’s brain about the latest on Jesse Jackson Jr., the state’s efforts to fix its pension mess, Illinois’ final conceal carry law and the potential field for the Governor’s race. Afterward, Coach Q visits the studio with Stanley Cup in hand.

Hour 4: An old friend calls in from Nashville, Robert Channick explains the Tribune’s purchase of a large number of TV stations, and Tom Skilling talks about the extreme heat wave scorching the west coast.


Steve Cochran


  • Mike Egizio

    Turned on the radio this morning on drive in and Surprise one of my favorite hosts back on STEVE Cochran. Please keep him on permanently. Johnny B drove me nuts thats why i didn't listen to him on FM. and I'm his age group

  • Tom Heinrich

    What a great surprise to hear Steve Cochran again! I cannot stand Brandmeier and do not listen to WGN during his time slot. He is an arrogant ass. Please, Please, Please bring Cochran back full time.

  • Jan Murray

    Had the Bill Leff show on overnight as that is the only show besides the Cubs and Blackhawks that is worth my time on WGN anymore and was THRILLED to hear that Steve Cochran was going to do the morning show! I have missed my daily WGN routine; used to have them on 24/7. I am hoping that this is a sign of a return to better programming. The news and traffic personnel are still wonderful, but the hosts leave so much to be desired that I quit listening until Bill Leff was on at 1 a.m. PLEASE consider adding the farm show to the daily schedule. I set my alarm to make sure I hear Max and Orion every Saturday morning at 5. They are SUPERB in their profession! Many people can learn from them! As for Lou Manfredini…he started out doing such a great service show and now spends too much time talking about his self promotions and too little time solving problems. I like him but he needs to talk less about himself!
    Great move in bringing Steve back!!!! Thanks!

  • Ann

    I really missed hearing Steve. Love his voice and his show. Much better and more entertaining than Gary Meier. Please bring him back! I sometimes enjoy Carol at noon, but she is so narrow minded and opinionated that I have to change channels frequently. I find Brandmeier obnoxious but funny and energetic in the mornings.

  • Lynn

    It is nice to hear Steve Cochran on the morning show. Enjoy the intelligent discussions. When Johnny B. comes back on, the radio goes off. I have been a WGN fan for 49 years. Have never NOT listened to WGN until now.

  • Gocubs3

    YIPPEE! My best friend just called me in Michigan to let me know Steve is back. I can listen to WGN again. Can't wait to find out what time slot he's in so I can stream it. Good move WGN…great to listen again. Welcome back Steve!!!!

  • Diane

    I cannot even begin to tell you how much my husband and I miss you on WGN! We are soooo glad you are back! Hopefully a permanent position! God Bless you and your family! We also miss your comedy show on New Years Eve at the Hemmens Theater in Elgin!!!!!!! Diane

  • Becky

    What an awesome surprise yesterday to turn on WGN and hear Steve Cochran!!! Hearing him again today is a gift! You can tell the rest of the crew ENJOYS being on the air with him. You can tell Steve respects them and their opinions unlike Brandmeier's obnoxious remarks. PLEASE BRING BACK STEVE!!!!!

  • Karen Swenson

    Reading the above comments, I am so glad I am not alone in my thinking. WGN has really gone down the tubes in the past few years. PLEASE keep Steve and get rid of Johnny B. He does not fit in with this station. I tune him out as soon as I hear the morning news. Steve can carry on an intelligent conversation and he's very interesting!

  • Carol A.

    I'm thrilled that Steve is back. I only wish that it would be permanent. I gave up on WGN when Steve was let go, after being a faithful listener for over 40 years. The current morning line-up is dreadful. I hope that management has seen the error of their ways!!

  • Kit

    Yeah! Steve is back. It's great to hear intelligent conversation back on WGN. Myself and many of my friends stopped listening in the morning. I did not want to wake up to loud, fast talking nonsense of Brandmeier. Please give Steve of Bill Leff the morning show. Many faithful listeners will return. Let's keep up WGN's reputation for excellent talk radio.

  • Rich

    I tuned in to WGN in the morning this week and was elated to hear Steve Cochran! Yay! Way to go WGN! I cannot and will NOT listen to Johnny B. Hearing Steve, was like coming home, and hearing from a good friend! Keep up the good work WGN

  • Annie

    Wonderful to hear Steve again. He is funny, intelligent and entertaining. HATE Johnny B. Will listen
    while Steve fills in. Johnny B insults your intelligence and cannot string a thought process together
    without sounding like an idiot. Great to have Steve back. I hope that he gets his own show.
    Get rid of Johnny B!!!

  • Sharon Heikema

    So glad to hear Steve Cochran. For once I was able to listen to WGN in the morning. Most days I either leave the radio off or change the station. Wonderful mix of intelligent discussion & fun. Great interaction with others like Mary & Judy. We have missed the type of radio that made WGN so successful. Brandenburg is a train wreck.

    • Sharon

      Just realized that once again my Kindle Fire "corrected" me. Obviously meant Brandmeier. Even the kindle thought he was a mistake.

  • Kathryn

    It is so good to heard Steve Cochron again. I hope we hear more from him I really missed listening to him. I can't stand Jonathon Brandmier and have to turn the station off when he comes on after Bill Leff. I don't really like Mike either and wait until Gary comes on in the afternoon to turn WGN back on. We need some lighter talk radio like Steve and Bill offer on the radio.

  • Sandy

    It is absolutely wonderful to hear Steve Cochran on WGN again. I have been listening to early morning WGN again since Steve has been on. Thank you.

  • Jim

    Echoing most of the above comments, it was a great surprise to turn on WGN yesterday and hear Steve Cochran again. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring him back as the permanent morning host. When I hear Brandmeir I turn of WGN. The man in an insult to anyone with a bit of intelligence, not to mention he constantly insults and puts down callers. Cochran not only has a wonderful sense of humor, but he can handle serious subjects too.

  • Barb

    Great to have a good host on the morning show. I listen to WGN, but turn to another station when Johnny B comes on – can't stand him. Now I am able to listen to WGN all morning. Hope you are back full-time, Steve! My husband and I were commenting this morning about how we both hope you stay for good, and how we enjoy your humor and conversation topics.

    • Diana

      What a nice surprise to hear Steve C. in the mornings…Please keep him there for good……
      No ill wishes regarding Johnny B. I just don't connect with his program. I haven't had
      WGN on in the am for a very long time and won't as long Johnny B. continues as host….
      Thank you Steve, it is good to hear you again…..hope it lasts……….

  • Peggy

    So happy to hear Steve Cochran this morning! Can not stand JB in the am. Hope Steve is back permanently so good to hear some intelligent conversation and no bathroom humor.

  • chuck schwartz

    i agree with all of the positives above. We enjoyed him before, and hopefully will enjoy him agaim if WGN chooses to keep him on the air. he's an asset to your station. as long as he is on the 6-10am spot, we'll listen. if not, then we go elsewhere for radio. so, keep him on!

  • Dottie

    Agree with everyone——keep Steve Cochran. JB is a wacko–drives me nuts. His partner Buzz con-stantly giggles at everything JB says. I just turn them off. Mike McConnell has a habit of cutting off his callers or talking over them. Makes me want to tape his mouth shut. Would like to also tape JB's mouth shut. Don't like the noon show, either. Garry M is a keeper. Keeping Steve Cochran would be a step in the right direction for WGN radio.

  • Mary Sue

    Just get rid of Brandmeier PLEASE!! I was so ecstatic to hear Steve Cochran this morning when I turned the ignition at 6:10 am, the radio was still tuned to WGN because of the Cub game last night. Otherwise I haven't listened in the morning for months. I miss my WGN listening time. Mike McConnell has grown on me, and Garry Meier is okay, but I can't take Jonathan Brandmeier for five seconds.

  • Guest

    Please keep Steve Cochran on the air in place of Brandmeier. It is wonderful to hear intelligent conversation and interviews. I would again be a regular listener to the Morning Show.

  • Jane

    We were so happy to hear Steve this AM. It was a big mistake to let him go. He makes us smile and laugh ..JB makes us cringe. WELCOME BACK STEVE

  • Marcy B

    Wow and I thought it was just me! Would love to keep Steve Cochran in the morning…Mike McConnell pontificates constantly as to his point of view. Bill Left is great and I do like Garry on my way home. Now if we could just convince WGN to get Kathy and Judy back, I think there would be many coming back to WGN!

  • Dawn

    So happy to hear Steve Cochran. Please, please keep him on WGN mornings. I stopped listening to WGN with Johnny B – just cant take the juvenile banter that early in the morning. Steve is intelligent, witty, and he listens!

  • Bob

    It was refreshing to hear Steve again. I hope you can find a way to bring him back permanently. He would be a great addition (actually replacement) on the team.

  • Bob

    Let me add my endorsement to replacing JB. I have been a long time listener to WGN, but I have to turn it off when JB comes on the air. He is sophomoric at best and juvenile most of the time. Replacing someone as great as Spike with JB (I know there was someone before JB who was not any better), was demeaning to the quality of WGN. Time for another schuffle of talent. Bring Back Steve

  • Marilynn Skrip

    ABOUT TIME!!! I wondered if WGN would ever realize who their audience was. You have Nick for the younger (and even older) set. Bill Leff is really fine but too many boaring interviews late at night. Garry, Dean, Brian. The gal late at night is my turn-off., more Nick them would be OK. Steve Bertrand is OK, But, Cochran in the AM was a LOSS. YOUR BAD YOUNGANS!! I thought I would like Johathan in the AM – my son-in-law knew him-bot never listened – I did but it's like a "loose nerve end" PLEASE!!! Your early AM and 9:00AM shows were a mess. You'll never replace Kathy and Judy either!!

  • Jan

    Great to hear Steve Cochran again! Have been WGN listeners for over 40 years- need Steve back on the morning show- wouldn't need to get up and change the dial when Brandmeier came on the air.
    You would regain alot of listeners that left when Brandmeier arrived on the scene with his potty mouth and idiotic conversations.

  • Sheila Minniear

    It is wonderful to hear Steve Cochran on in the morning. It is a relief to hear him instead of the babble from Johnny B. I have been a listener for more than 40 years, but I cannot stand Jonathan Brandmeier any more. Sheila

  • Babs

    I am ecstatic to hear the voice of Steve Cochran. I truly hope they find a spot for him permanently somewhere. Jon Brandmeier has an audience but that audience is not at the GN that I grew up and still listen to.

  • Sylvia

    So Gald to hear Steve is back. I have been listening to WGN all day because of it. Can't stand Johnny B in the morning so I put on a different station and listen to it all day until Garry. Come bring Steve back in the morning slot.

  • Susanne Simon

    I was thrilled to hear Steve in the morning….never listen to Johnny B — just do a weekly spot check to see if someone is filling in for Johnny B. Hope Steve is back for good!

  • David L

    What a great surprise to hear Steve on WGN I have not been listening during the early morning hours and the noon show is not worth turning the radio on. I hope WGN has finally gotten the message and going to have programs that offer entertainment not have hosts that like to hear them selves talk and not be entertaining! Johnny B & Carol made me stop listening to your station! Wow to hear Spike and Steve made my day!

  • Gaily

    Outstanding! I haven't tuned into WGN for a very long time – – only Saturday mornings or Dean on Sunday. I was changing stations on Monday and learned that Johnny B was on vacation. I tuned in again yesterday to a wonderful surprise. Hope Steve stays on as the "Morning Guy".

  • Mike

    Excellent choice for a Morning Man! Keep Steve in the 6 am to 10 am time slot Johnny B is too self impressed. He is full to overflowing with himself. Steve is a fresh take in the mornings. I have ben listening since before Orion started there, I'm talking the early 1950's, and since there will never be another Uncle Bobby, Steve would be perfect to listen to. Please keep Steve in the am time slot!

  • Susan

    Sooo good to hear Steve Cochran again – would love to have him back with his own show – hopefully during the noon hour instead of Carol Roth. Maybe shorten Johnny B as well to make more room for Steve? Wonderful!!!


    Thank you WGN for bringing Steve Cochran back. I enjoy listening to Steve C Bill Leff and Ryder. Ryder is a fresh breeze as for Brandmeyer I wake up to him and turn off WGN immediately. . I can not take more than 5 minutes of his whining.

  • Anonymous

    Love the comments I’m reading about Steve and hope WGN is taking them to heart! My 26 year old daughter texted me at 6 yesterday morning to tell me Steve was on – he obviously appeals to a wide range of ages! We don’t usually listen to WGN in the morning anymore other than to get the news and weather – my husband can’t take JB. Please seriously think about giving Steve Cochran a permanent spot again!
    PS – enjoy Brian, Nick, Dean, Bill, Andrea … but still miss Johnnie and Steve overnight!

  • J&C in FRG

    We stopped listening to WGN in the morning when Brandmeier showed up. It's too bad that he hasn't progressed beyond his 11- year-old maturity level (sorry to offend 11-year- olds). Consequently, we now listen to NPR's Morning Edition and occasionally turn on WGN for local news. We always stay tuned to WGN when Bill Leff fills in for JB, generally during holiday weeks. We tuned in on Monday and were pleasantly surprised to hear Steve Cochran. Leff and Cochran both are skillful interviewers, because they actually listen to their guests and let them shine, rather than cutting them off to hear themselves speak. The humor of Leff and Cochran outshines the sophomoric banal shouting of Brandmeier. Are you listening, WGN?

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