Steve Cochran returns!

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Hour 1: Steve recounts his last day at WGN three years ago, takes calls from elated listeners, talks sports with Dave Eanet and David Kaplan, and more.

Hour 2: Steve considers Edward Snowden’s options in seeking asylum, and welcomes WGN legal expert Karen Conti to discuss the Aaron Hernandez murder case and George Zimmerman trial. Plus he tries to get Dave Eanet to call him “cracker.”

Hour 3: Steve pick’s Rick Pearson’s brain about the latest on Jesse Jackson Jr., the state’s efforts to fix its pension mess, Illinois’ final conceal carry law and the potential field for the Governor’s race. Afterward, Coach Q visits the studio with Stanley Cup in hand.

Hour 4: An old friend calls in from Nashville, Robert Channick explains the Tribune’s purchase of a large number of TV stations, and Tom Skilling talks about the extreme heat wave scorching the west coast.


Steve Cochran


  • Shirley

    Great to hear a professional broadcaster with intelligent conversation, thoughts and interviews. Might once again listen to WGN radio in M-F a.m. if Steve were on the air.

    • Dorothy

      Fantastic to hear from you again. I've missed you! Hope to hear a lot from you in the coming days. By the way it takes 1-1/2 hours to cut our lawn, but thanks, we will appreciate it.

    • AUDREY


  • bozo

    Thank GOD !!
    It is really tough to listen to Bill Leff.
    He is better to have on late at night so I can tune in and doze off.

  • Linda Deiss

    It was awesome to hear Steve Cochran back on WGN. Whenever I could I was listening to him on 560 because I've missed him so much. Hope he's back on a permanent basis. Linda

  • Laura

    THANK GOD Steve is back….so good to hear his voice again. My husband and I stopped our morning routine, had breakfast and listened to an old friend. Please get him back and the morning idiot off.

    • Lynda

      I agree…the whole morning line-up, including the noon show is horrible. Please bring Steve back to one of these slots!!

    • Dusty Cremer

      I so agree! Hearing Steve was like 'coming home'. He and Mike are the only day-time hosts worth listening to. The early morning and late afternoon are for the birds!!! Please keep Steve this time!

  • nancy

    It was really great to hear Steve Cochran on WGN this a.m. Hopefully, he will become a permanent host on WGN again…..

  • Mari Z

    Absolutely loved listening to Steve this morning, hope he's a permanent addition to WGN again. We followed him from one radio to the next (car) today. Much better listening than the goofiness of Johnny B, he's enough to drive people to the answer.

  • Weaser

    Soooo glad to hear Steve Cochran again! It was a HUGE mistake when he was let go. Please, please, please hire him back permanently!!! Decrease Brandmeier's time, and give Cochran, an intelligent, smart and funny guy, his own show. And Bill Leff is TERRIFIC!!!

    • C. Nahrstadt

      Agree with Weaser. The decisions made by GN to bring in JB was a HUGE mistake. Miss some of the old-timers but Steve would be a good addition to your line-up. LIke McConnell and Gary Meier. Bill Leff would be another great addition to day time. Have always enjoyed him when he would fill in. Keep Nick in the evening. Dean is good anytime.
      C. Nahrstadt

      • Jennifer

        Get rid of Johnnie B altogether, not just reduce his time slot, and I agree – Bill Leff is great!

  • Susan

    What a treat to listen to an old friend at a tolerable decibel level without constant repetitions "to make it perfectly clear". I was hoping to enjoy a 2 week respite from the screaming and hyperbole which I could never get used to. Please keep Steve Cochran on WGN.

  • Ronald M. Jones

    Great to hear Steve Cochran again !
    I hope management make him part of the team ! !

  • Pat

    Great to hear Steve again. We have to agree with all of the above. Get rid of the idiot. We have been WGN fans for years and years and just can't relate to Johnny B.

    Keep Mike because he is great! Really enjoy him. Can't you fix his schedule? Never had a hour break for a host before, why now?

  • RJJ

    What a nice surprise to hear Steve Cochran this morning. Listened to him for years on WGN. Now I will turn on WGN in the morning to see if Johnny B is on, and if so, I tune elsewhere. Just say'ng.

    • priggs

      I agree . if JB is on I'm off. He is rude , yells like a kid, it has been a pleasure the last week and half .Please let Steve replace JB>

  • Fred F

    It was great to hear Steve back. I hope a place can be made for him on a permanent basis. There are 2-3 weak links on the station right now.

  • Sue

    Echoing what everyone above has said. Being able to spend this morning with Steve Cochran was as if a dear friend had come back into my life. And when he connected with Spike – beyond terrific. Hope that the current powers-that-be at WGN realize what a mistake their predecessors made and find a spot for Steve – preferably right where he was this morning – otherwise, it's back to news radio for me.

  • Julia Kramer

    I was so pleased to turn on the radio this morning; I have not ben listening because of Johnny B and I knew he would be on vacation this week. I am an old timer; started with Wally and do not like the toilet talk etc. Love Steve Cochran and hope he comes back. I miss my morning radio. Julia

  • Linda

    I called my husband on the way to work this morning and asked him to turn his radio to WGN to hear Steve Cochran…what a nice surprise!!! I have just about quit listening to this station (except for Cubs and Blackhawks games and the Sport Night show), but would gladly turn it back on if Steve Cochran came back on a permanent basis.

  • Donna and Ed

    Wonderful. As everyone has stated so good to hear Steve. We have stopped listening to WGN in the a.m. Hope management wiill consider all these comments.
    Donna and Ed

  • Christ LaBainco

    When I dialed in WGN on Tuesday AM on my drive back from Green Bay I taught I was In Heaven.
    Please bring Steve Cochran back to a regular time slot (early morning) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,

    • Lynda

      YES, YES, YES! I wonder if anybody really looks at these coments. I hope so and I hope they will make some needed changes.

    • M. TROMER

      I second this….the sooner Steve comes back for good, the sooner A lot of us will start listening to WGN again….. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING HIM BACK DUMP JOHNNY B.

  • Rick Gaffino

    I too had stopped listening mornings as JB is not for me. However this morning when I turned on radio, I thought I was having one of those flashback thingies. WOW! Was I really hearing STEVE COCHRAN and SPIKE ODELL? That made my day! A blast from the past. We missed ya Steve sure do hope yer back to STAY. Rick n Amy

  • Christine

    Hopefully someone with a brain will hire Steve Cochran back and get rid of the idiot currently on early mornings. His time has passed.

  • Jay Thompson

    WOW!! What a way to start the day! Would love to have Cochran back!! Let's hope that at the very least, you rid the noon hour of the current person and split the 9-3 slot with you and McConnell!! That would make it 100% better since I don't see Brandmeier or GM going anywhere….wish they would though!!

  • Debbie B.

    Love, love, love Steve Cochran, made my day to hear him back. I was so upset when he was fired, will never understand why, all I know is I want him back. So disillusioned with the radio station since Mike McConnell and especially Jonathon Brandmeier came on. Hate their shows!!!! Steve Cochran on A.M.'s please, please, please WGN!

  • Rhonda Ingle

    So nice to be able to listen to WGN before 10 am again. Since Brandmeier has taken over the morning show, I don't tune in till 10am…then have to exit again from noon till 1pm for the hour of Carol loving on herself.
    I don't care WHO does mornings, but it would be awesome if it wasn't Brandmeier.



    • Ellena Linsky

      I agree with Donna. I turned from WGN to television, but if Steve replaces Brandmeier, I'll return!

  • Sue

    Great to hear Steve again. Will listen to WGN in the morning if Johnny B is gone. He was insulting to listen to so we did'nt.

  • Karen

    Can not believe that WGN would want to bring back Cochran. Boo! Hiss! Boo! Look for some new Talent like Bill Leff. Great! Use Nick D more..he’s been great when fills in day time. How about a show with Orion on business, Steve Bertrand with his own show. Steve and Leslie Kiling together would be a hoot.. Cochran reeks of insincerity. Lock him in a room with Johnny B and let their egos crush each other. I don’t want to hear anymore about his own kids! I don’t want to hear him at all. Let some other station take pity on him and give him a job!

  • judy

    Did not hear Steve on 560 and went to search where to find him…Great knowledgeable entertainer
    Will put WGN on again if he is on the station..Was sad to stop listening to WGN after growning up
    with that station in the mornings.
    Will listen tomorrow am

  • Bob

    Best morning show since Spike O'Dell. Bring Steve back and I won't listen to WLS in the morning.

  • Bob Mulvey

    What a surprise to have the clock radio go off at 6:15 and hear Steve Cochran! I thought I was still dreaming. Light hearted intelligent topical humor, news, sports, weather and business presented by a team that has terrific chemistry are a 180 degree from what has been in the morning drive slot since December of 2011. Johnny B is creative but I could never connect with him. My entire family from Mom at 84 down to kids in their early 30's were excited to hear Steve back at WGN again and listened all the way until he turned the mike over at 10:00. We are all looking forward to listening to Steve over the next two weeks. Hope to hear Steve in the morning spot on a permanent basis. The spot with Spike was over the top! Like gettin' the band back together.

  • Karen

    I was so happy to start my day with Steve Cochran. Bill Leff is a joy to listen to when he fills in for the morning slot. Garry Meier brings an interesting dynamic. Dave Kaplan is wonderful as usual. Thank goodness smarter heads seem to be leading WGN. Once Mr. Brandmeier is gone I'll return to listening the entire morning.

  • Kevin

    Been a JB fan from the LUP days…but….I was thrilled to hear Steve this morning. Johnny is much better suited to FM than to the "G". Just not the best fit, although h has given it his best shot. Having Steve n that slot would bring WGN back to the fore in the AM slot.

  • jane

    Used to listen to WGN all day but not any more. So glad to hear Steve Cochran is back and hope that his kind of radio will continue. Miss Judy and Kathy and the rest of their group at that time. Until I hear that happening my radio is off in the morning.

  • sharon

    Get rid of McConnell or just have him on from 11-1 and Steve Cochran from 1-3!!! That would work!!!! And get John Williams back too!

  • Blu

    Love the changes you've made so far. Glad to see Steve Cochran back on WGN. Hope to see Brian Noonan more in the future.

  • Chicago Girl

    Love Johnny B – put Steve in right after him and get rid of Mike M – love Gary too – Still miss the Girls. Bring us our Cathy and Judy too

  • Al,

    Just caught Steve at the end of his shift. Finally, a nice surprise! How do I download this show or show segments here to play on my iPhone? I agree with Sharon on fitting him into the schedule for now.

  • Elizabeth

    Steve!!! What a wonderful surprise. Can it be WGN is seeing the light? Brandmeier is the best way to ruin a perfectly good morning. I REFUSE to listen to him. Bring back Steve on a permanent basis! Please!

  • Maureen Miller

    What a wonderful surprise to hear Steve Cochran yesterday!!! I don't appreciate JB"s potty talk, so I don't listen anymore in the am. If Steve comes back, I will start listening to WGN again in the am. Shorten Mike"s time and add Steve.

  • Peg

    HOORAY!! I was so excited to hear Steve Cochran yesterday morning when I tuned in and equally excited with hearing him this morning. I knew Johnnhy B was on vacation and hoped some one with some real talent would take his spot, you did that with Steve. Please keep Steve on and find other options for JB. I agree with comments above…JB is past his time..I, also, would never listen when I heard JB on. Bill Leff is great…I enjoy him overnight…please bring the station back to the Bob Collins – Spike O'Dell days!!

  • Jeanette

    HOORAY!!!!! NO Johhny B!!!!!! Steve we love you and miss your voice on WGN. Please mamagement…get rid of Johhy B and get Steve back and I will return as a listener and supporter of advertisers.

  • berniesstuff

    Steve Cochran on WGN again? Now I will listen to more than the Cubs broadcasts on WGN Radio!!!!

  • Carl

    Was sad to hear Steve leave the station. I used to have all my radios tuned to 720 until the purge came. Now I seldom listen to morning radio anymore. Please bring Steve back, He is the greatest.

  • Chris

    I couldn't believe it when I heard Steve's voice on the air. I live in Iowa and have been listening to WGN for years to hear great conversation. I would Love for the new management to bring Steve back!

  • Mary

    I was soooo happy to hear Steve Cochran on WGN again! Please find a permanent spot for him. He is intelligent, warm, funny and was missed!

  • Fred K

    Clock radio alarm goes off at 6:00. After the WGN news and sports we've been changing to NewsRadio–not wanting to subject ourselves to the loud and ridiculous nonsense of JB, who continues to demonstrate that he doesn't care about or respect his listeners. What a wonderful surprise to hear Steve Cochran yesterday. We'll stay with WGN all morning as long as he's filling in, then back to NewsRadio as soon as John returns–although I guess there might be some decisions that WGN could make that would keep us listening longer than 6:10 a.m.

  • Barb & Bill

    Soooooo good to hear Steve Cochran this morning…..sorry I missed him yesterday, but didn't know at the time that he was on then too. I won't turn WGN on at this hour normally 'cause we do NOT like Brandemier at all! Please bring Cochran back permanently……we miss him, and he will help to bring back many of the long-time WGN listeners who have left because of the programming! I really enjoy Bill Leff in the early mornings….that was a good change since Steve & Johnnie retired.

  • Veronica

    What a surprise to hear Steve yesterday and again this am. I hope he'll be able to be a regular again, maybe on this time slot. So nice to hear his refreshing talk. Good to hear Spike again also.
    God Bless America.

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