Listeners review Jimmy Buffett’s Saturday night concert

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Dean get’s listener’s reviews of Jimmy Buffett’s concert last night, which included a parrot-hat-wearing Patrick Kane on stage! Dean also gets listener’s thoughts on the venue–the newly refinished FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island.


Jimmy Buffett performs at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island in Chicago on Saturday. (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)


Chicago Blackhawks player Patrick Kane hoists the Stanley Cup during a Jimmy Buffet concert at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island in Chicago on Saturday, June 29, 2013. (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)


  • William

    Worst facility ever. I will NEVER go back. Mile and a half walk to get from parking to the venue, none of the promised trolleys visible, the lawn was a mud pit that smelled like sewage, food supplies ran out, warm beer @$10 each after a 40 minute wait. Porta potties way beyond the back of the lawn. Visibilty was awful. Many couldn't even see the stage let alone the screens. The centre of the lawn was obscured by huge 60 foot tech towers. The rise in the lawn is inadequate to even see the concert. No thought for the "lawn" patrons – they were abandoned. Had there been an evacuation emergency there would have been an injury filled stampede through inadequate exits. Compared to other lawn venues this is the worst ever. This venue is a total rip off. STAY AWAY.

  • Chris

    For a full review, almost 120 of them, see Jimmy Buffett's Facebook page where fans completely panned the venue, the parking, the city, and the show. I'm so happy I dumped my tickets.

  • John

    Long time Buffett parrot head and have seen countless shows. This was by far the worst venue in history. The lawn was a mud pit. Had no chance of seeing the stage unless you were Shaquille ONeil, and the sound was awful. This location clearly is not able to handle this size of a crowd and $40.00 for parking…come on!!! Talked to many people who all concurred that this venue is terrible. Go back to Toyota Park Jimmy!!!! Will never attend another show at this joke of a place.

  • Eric

    The lawn for this concert was a dangerous disgusting mess. They should not have been allowed to open the lawn in the condition it was in. Will never go here again.

  • Jon

    Jimmy is always a professional, but Northerly Island sucks! It's dirty, not intended for a crowd as big as that, the lawn seats were downright dangerous. Parking was a mess, and with such limited parking there was no tail gaiting, that's the best part of seeing him live. After staying for every song in almost 30 shows, this is the first one I left less than half way through. The hill was not pitched so the rain from the previous day was still soaked making it look like a muddy scene from Woodstock, plus no one could see the stage. I will never go back there.
    Jimmy, please come back to Toyota Park!!!!

  • peter

    this is the worst place on this planet to watch anything.. i watched them build this place and knew there was going to be trouble.. i never want to see mud again for the rest of life. the worst parking i have ever seen.. prices for food and drink was totally out of line. never ever go here for any thing except to blow it up. i would never go here if for free. stay away this place should be quarantined. and dismantled.

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