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Bill Leff welcomes Erin Tillman to discuss some dating advice much of which you can find in her book:  The Dating Guidebook: Tips for Living a Happy and Healthy Single Life Without Losing Yourself in the Dating Process.

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  • Kurt

    Erin offers a refreshing and healthy perspective approach to the 2013 dating scene. Technology has impacted how we meet too. A worthwhile listen for those who are single and looking.

  • jaykav

    Interesting interview, my friend is also dating expert so it's always great socializing with him at the weekend:) Hiring a dating coach definitely beats online dating. Meeting women in the real world is less time consuming than online dating.

    Spending hours in front your your computer hoping to meet that special someone can be daunting, and when you do eventually make an arrangement to meet them, 90% of the time they end up being disappoined, whereas meeting a girl on the street or in a bar, at least you can decide within a couple of mins of talking to them if you like the person or not. Just my 2 cents!

    • Erin Tillman

      I hear ya Jay! It can be literally as easy as walking out of your door to meet other singles. Online dating can be overwhelming, but it is a way to meet people who are in different social circles, different cities, etc. Just a reminder for singles to keep there eyes and ears open because you can meet other singles literally anywhere. Happy Dating!

      Oh and keep going out with your dating expert friend. What a great wingman!:)

      Erin 'The Dating Advice Girl'

  • Kyle Kelly

    Thanks Erin, good stuff.

    Men (and probably women too) should forget about online dating, bars and nightclubs and go to Salsa classes – Salsa is the single best way in the world to meet and enjoy actual people in a fun, recreational environment.

  • Cecil

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  • mark

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