Show Opener, May 14th

Garry gets “Angry Again” and talks about  “effin” Alderman Riley who is making a “effin” crap deal to “effin” buy back Chicago’s “effin” parking meters, even “effin”  though they were “effin” sold during a bad “effin” deal in the “effin” first place. What is this? “Effin” stupid town?

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  • Patrick

    Garry has to be the dumbest radio host in the nation.
    He makes fun of his partners to cover for his ignorance of facts that most people know.
    Do you rember Garry thought that thunder was caused by cloud colliding…Tom was very kind to you that day.

  • Katie

    Garry, I wish I'd said that – well, most of it. You are saying what most of Chicago is saying. The amazing thing is that any of these bozo alderman are still in office.

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