Borizov guilty on all counts in Darien triple slayings

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A jury in DuPage County has found Johnny Borizov guilty of master-minding the murders of three members of a Darien family in 2010.

The jury deliberated for about 2-1/2 hours and Borizov displayed no reaction when the verdicts were read.

When the proceedings were over, he was escorted from the courtroom and did not look back at the spectators in the courtroom.

Angela Kramer started crying and put her face into her hands when the clerk began reading the verdicts.

Borizov, 31, faced charges of murder, solicitation and conspiracy in connection with the deaths of Jeffrey and Lori Kramer and their 20-year-old son, Michael. Authorities said that Borizov convinced an acquaintance, Jacob Nodarse, to commit the murders.

Borizov was involved in a custody battle with Angela Kramer, the daughter of Jeffrey and Lori Kramer, and prosecutors say his contempt for the Kramers was the motive for the slayings. Borizov, prosecutors allege, was able to convince Nodarse, a one-time friend of Michael Kramer’s, that the lives of Nodarse and his family were in danger because of his association with Borizov. The only way out was for the Kramers to be slain, Borizov told Nordarse, according to prosecutors.

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Johnny Borizov is pictured during his trial in a DuPage County courtroom. Prosecutors contend that Borizov, who is charged with murder, conspiracy and solicitation, pressured Jacob Nodarse to shoot and kill Michael Kramer, 20, and Kramer’s parents, Jeffrey, 50, and Lori, 48. (Keri Wiginton / Chicago Tribune)