International family hosting and home trading with Homelink

Turkish couple Hilmi and Güliz Öztömek talk about their experience traveling abroad through a program called Homelink, which allows families to host one another in their homes and even trade residences while exploring the world.


  • Katie Costabel

    Hi There! What a great surprise to hear our organization, HomeLink, mentioned on your show. My husband, Karl Costabel and I own & operate HomeLink USA and as Hilmi & Güliz Oztomek mentioned, we have HomeLink representatives around the world. We are celebrating our 60th Anniversary this year and are available to answer any questions you might have about this wonderful way of travel. We hope to hear from you. 800-638-3841 Sincerely, Katie Costabel, HomeLink USA

    • Hilmi and Guliz

      We love you Katie and Carl

      We are the most famous and travelled homelink couple out
      Of turkey greetings from NYC
      Did hosp exchanges in 5 continents (more than 25)

      The dynasors( Guliz and Hilmi)

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