Garry Meier

Show Opener, May 6th

Garry talks about two Air India pilots who turned on the autopilot and decided to take a nap for 40 minutes and had the flight attendants pilot the plane. So are the flight attendants in charge of your drinks and your life too?


1 Comment to “Show Opener, May 6th”

    No Lies said:
    May 7, 2013 at 12:48 PM

    I was in my car yesterday all afternoon and evening and could not get to my computer. This is for US Cellular vs Sprint and being required to buy a new phone because "the old one won't work with the Sprint network". Here is the truth on that: There are two cellphone networks, GSM and CDMA. You can't use a GSM phone on the CDMA network, and vice-versa, but any CDMA phone will work with any CDMA carrier. Phone companies using GSM are AT&T and T-Mobile. Those using CDMA are Verizon, Cricket, MetroPCS, SPRINT, and US CELLULAR. In other words, it isn't that you CAN'T use your US Cell phone with Sprint, it's that they are using this occasion to sell lots of new phones. They will all lie endlessly to accomplish this. US Cell actually told me once that Verizon uses GSM. I knew at the time it was a lie, but I wasn't buying a phone anyway, so didn't bother following up. You can re-activate your current US Cellular phone with Sprint quite easily with a little Googling for the method. Better to activate online, so they can't see the phone.

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