The Secret to Time Management

Bill Leff learns some of the secrets to better time management from business coach Ileana Kane.

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  • Louanne Greitzer

    This is in regards to programing. I wish you would reconsider Bob Sirott & Maryanne's daily slot from 12-3PM. This program has no substance – it's just their talking about a lot of nothing. Her critizing him, like he was an idiot. I liked Bob by himself when he filled in, but every day of the two of them – I can't take it. An hour once a week is fine, but not every day. I turn WGN off from 12-3 and put on FM and go back at 3PM for Garry comes on. Mike McConnell had intelligent, interesting programs – he had Paul Green on for one and many other interesting people – please do something! Thank-you!!

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