Johnny B. interviews a woman raised by monkeys

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  • Susan

    Hey Johnny! I heard a part of this interview, and it inspired me enough to buy the book. Of course, I tried to win a copy, but was disappointed to be beaten out by a guy named Ben who had no interest in it! (which, may I remind you, you said he HAD to read it…any follow up on that?!) Anyway, I just finished the book and had to re-listen to your interview with Marina. It is truly beyond words to what this girl went through for 10 years of her childhood. Sad to hear of her horrific young life, but happy to hear she is a survivor. Not only was she raised by monkeys (insert monkey sounds here), but her life after she decided to leave the rainforest was just as incredible. Thanks for an eye-opening moment that makes me appreciate the life I have. (But I still would like to win tickets one of these times!)
    Have a glorious, wonderful, happy, superbly terrific day! Thanks for making my day, almost every day, with you just being the Johnny I've known since the '80's Loop days :)

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