Todd Friel on gay marriage

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  • XisRex

    Appreciated the guest's perspective. Moral issues so often are made into preferences instead of being right or wrong. A lack of consistency related to objective truth makes engaging in thoughtful arguments extremely difficult.

  • Peter Kerchner

    The guest (Todd Friel) clearly made his point. Not sure the host picked up on it. Just becasue society says something is right in the form of a law, does not make it morally right. Just because society says it is ok for same sex couples to marry or for doctors to abort babies by making laws to allow this, does not make it right by the standards that have been set by God. By creating our own standards and changing rules put in place by God violates the 2nd commandment. Mr. Friel did a great job explaining his point. Well done. Too bad this flew over the host's head. The caller also missed the point.

    • Nancy McManus

      Well put, but I thought you might like a chuckle – as I read your post, I read "…rules put in place by God violates the 2nd amendment." Sigh … time to turn off the news and open the Bible.

  • Les

    hmm…I guess it's wrong to kill someone because one day a long time ago some man just decided it was wrong! animals kill each other…why isn't it wrong for them? why don't we arrest dogs when they kill other animals?

    • Dinosaur

      Well, I suppose if it was just "some man", then you would have a point, however, if it is God saying it, then we should listen. BTW, as I understand it, the scripture says " you shall not murder ", as opposed to " you shall not kill " – a significant distinction.

      • hellboundapostate

        "God" didn't write the Bible.

        But please do read your Bible from beginning to end. That's how most people become atheists.

      • defender of faith

        First off atheist is an impossibility. Can you say that you know everything. even if you said that I know 80% off everything there is to know, in the 20% you do not know is it possible that GOD exist. You at the most could be agnostic, that it. you don't know.

        People are agnostic because they refuse to bow the knee to anything than themselves. You are suppressing the true in your unrichenouse and unless GOD grants you repentance, you will perishes in your unbelief.

      • Guest

        This statement makes no sense. How is being an atheist an impossibility? What does atheism and how much you claim to know of the world around us and within us the same? All atheism is is the belief that there is no higher power. You seem to be mixing the idea of beliefs and knowledge together to make a sound argument and it is the exact opposite.

  • Bill

    When the host says contradictory things can both be true, he's demonstrating the absurdity of his worldview, and he's lost the debate.

  • Rob

    Kill? murder? words like these constantly change in different translations of bibles! Lost in translation? Lets just use our "Conscience" Like Jesus said and Love thy neighbor/stranger..then the arguments an confusion can stop from reading the "Ever Changing"…..not in stone anymore/words of the confusing/bible?

    • Aric

      Constantly changing? Not exactly the 6th commandment (of the 10) is translated using the word "kill" in one version only, the King James version translated in 1611. The connotation associated with the word "kill" has changed in the past 400 years. That's why all the other translations including the New King James version use the word "murder". I hope that clears up all your confusion. Jesus never said just use your conscience. Jesus said “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind". And 'Love your neighbor as yourself." If you look at the 10 commandments the first 5 pertain to our relationship with God and the Last 5 our relationship with our neighbor.

    • Noah

      Whose conscious decides? Yours? Mine? Everyone's? Like the argument Todd Friel stated: Either we have an objective source of authority or we have opinion.

  • frankturk

    Mike: when you and Todd agree that murder is outlawed in all nations of the earth in the same way, you are both wrong. There are plenty of nations on Earth where it is not illegal for the state to take the life of anyone for any reason. There are nations where a father has the right to take the life of his daughter for offences he perceives with no trial and not review.

    Your "common sense" approach to this question doesn't really operate from a standpoint of fact — and I'm surprised Todd didn't point that out to you — ESPECIALLY since he's making the case that no one man's opinion is better than another's when it comes to matter of moral argument.

    • Noah

      Good point. So then if someone with more power says killing people with less power is acceptable than that is what is acceptable. Which if mentioned would have been an example to prove Todd Friel's position.

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