Cocktail Correspondent Todd Appel on St Patrick’s Day Spirits

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Cocktail Correspondent, Todd Appel’s Irish Coffee

Flavor HD’s Cocktail Correspondent Todd Appel  gives Hannah and Dane an easy and awesome Irish Coffee recipe that you can enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day – or any day you’d like a bit of the luck o’the Irish!

irish drink

8 oz Whipping Cream
1 oz Butter Milk
1.5 oz Rich Simple Syrup  (1.5-1 ratio sugar to water)
1/4 tsp vanilla

To make Creme Fraiche:
In a glass jar add the heavy cream and butter milk. Mix and cover. set aside in a warm spot in the kitchen. Let rest all day or overnight.
This starts the culture in the heavy cream and thickens it greatly. But it keeps it’s sweet cream aroma and taste that you want.
You can mix this up with a spoon and see how thick and silky it is.
To this then add the syrup and vanilla and mix and store in fridge. (note, my preference is to not make the cream very sweet. It has a natural sweetness from the cream and the coffee will have sugar in it as well. But sugar in any recipe should always be to your own taste)
Top your Irish Coffee, fresh fruit or other coffee with this amazing cream.

TIPS: Before topping the Irish Coffee, whip some air into the Creme Fraiche with a spoon or whisk. Not much is needed but the air will make the cream float on your coffee. Also take it out of the fridge well before serving so it is at room temperature before hitting the hot coffee. This will help keep the coffee hot, rather than pouring ice cold cream on top and killing the heat.

1.5 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey or your favorite Irish Whiskey
5-6 oz Fresh Brewed Robust Coffee
Sugar to taste (I suggest at least 1 teaspoon)
2-3 oz Sweetened Creme Fraiche

Add whiskey and sugar to coffee and mix until dissolved. With a spoon or whisk, quickly whip a little air into your Creme Fraiche (10 seconds)  and then carefully top your coffee. You could use the back of a spoon to pour the cream over to ease it into the glass or just spoon it in carefully with a large spoon.
Whatever size glass you use, adjust the quantities accordingly and always leave an inch or two at the top of the glass to fit your cream into.