Revamping sex ed

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  • Ann Miller

    I appreciate Mr. Phelps' perspective. We need to reinvent delaying sex until marriage as a cultural norm because sex outside of marriage just isn't working for the children of our society. Only 25% of children whose parents are not married at birth will be living with their fathers 5 years later. It's time to wake up to the big picture and the correlation between sex outside of commitment and children being raised with parents uncommitted to each other.

  • Andrea

    I've looked into Mr. Phelps' curricula and the above description of his opinions doesn't seem accurate. The curricula covers a lot of details about sex — with the conclusion that there are a lot of reasons for teens to wait to do it. I think it is uneducated and sad to equate abstinence with ignorance.

  • Jeanette Tanaka

    I completely agree with Scott Phelps and appreciate his representation of our family's views. Marriage between a man and a woman who raise children in a loving home is the foundation of our society. As a mother of 4 children, I wonder why the state of Illinois is trying to legislate against family values…what are they thinking down there in Springfield? Our schools should clearly teach best way is abstinence until marriage which actually protects young people if practiced. There is no such thing as "casual sex." Let's not give up on our children behaving themselves and respecting each other.

  • Jane Jimenez

    Great conversation. Thanks for respectful questions that allow Scott Phelps to give complete answers. One medical fact that was not clarified is that skin-to-skin contact outside of areas covered by the condom will permit the transmission of STDs. Gonorrhea was mentioned, and yes, gonorrhea can be passed between partners even when using a condom during sex. This is a huge topic. The years have allowed much misinformation, and I hope you will have many more conversations with Mr. Phelps!

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