Remembering Dick Sutliff

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WGN Radio is sad to report that longtime newsman Dick Sutliff has died at the age of 77.  In addition to his many years at WGN as an anchor and reporter, Dick was also News Director at WTHI Radio, news anchor at WTHI-TV and reporter-editor at the Tribune-Star newspaper, all in Terre Haute, IN. He served for four years in the Air Force as a radar technician.

Although Dick is remembered for his many years of service as a distinguished newsman, perhaps his most memorable moment is the following blooper that has become a WGN Radio classic:

Click here for some thoughts by Steve King and Johnnie Putman


  • Keith

    I listened to Dick Sutliff many a night I always enjoyed him! R.I.P. and my condolences to his family. He was a class act!

  • paul davis

    I take delight in getting Dick on the air in Chicago, He was a newswriter. I said any writer who wanted to free lance, give me an audition and join AFTRA. He, Jim Williams and a couple others became our second tier on air radio anchors.Had Merc the secretary heard Dick breaking up she would surely have said "you badd boy."

  • Tom Shaer

    Dick Sutliff anchored the newscasts on the first show I ever solo-hosted on WGN Radio. He was always EXTREMELY helpful to me and very professional. I was young, new to Chicago and in need of a welcoming spirit; Dick was among the many at WGN Radio and TV (both stations were at 2501 W. Bradley Place) who were kind and considerate–while being real pros.

  • Roy Santoro

    Dick was a great guy and a great teacher. I learned a great deal from him and still hear his voice in my head… a true presence and a great soul who will be missed

  • Chuck

    Thanks Steve, Johnnie and WGN for keeping me company for the many years I worked the graveyard shift. I'll never forget the Deng/Dong blooper … classic radio. Thanks Dick Sutliff and RIP,

  • RKessler

    Donations in Dick Sutliff's honor can be sent to
    Kendall County Pet HAVEN
    88 Riverwood Dr
    Oswego, IL 60543

  • MikeG

    One word describes Mr. Sutliff's voice and presence on the air at WGN: Gravitas. This is what he gave to the station every time he spoke. RIP

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