Weekend mob ‘violence’ on Magnificent Mile: Is it really a problem?

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  • Ron Jeka

    In the vein of "never letting a good crisis go to waste" the city maybe can suggest that compared to 90's when the murder rate was just under 824, (823.9 from 90-99) for a big city it's down over a third though the economy is much worse. As a young HS Honors student several years ago was beaten to death with 2x4s outside his High School best to keep barricades made of styrofoam just in case. There seems to be little sense to senseless violence that permeates our culture though copycat crimes will continue when restless youths many unemployed pillage for fun and spending money. If you don't smoke carry a few that when a gang confronts you may be appeased with the offering as it could save you from something much worse.

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