Plier: The history of Peeps

Dave Plier gets the history of the marshmallow Easter treats.


Peeps (Amy Davis / Baltimore Sun)

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  • 'The Mulqueens'. Courtesy of WGN TV.

    This Week in History: 2/28/16

  • Ed Sullivan and ‘The Beatles’ George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and Ringo Starr, behing the scenes of ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ on February 9, 1964. Courtesy of WGN Radio guest Andrew Solt/Sofa Entertainment, owner of The Ed Sullivan Show library.

    This Week in History: 2/7/16

  • PHOTO: Frazier Thomas and a young guest on ‘Garfield Goose & Friends’. Courtesy of WGN Television

    This Week in History: 4/17/16

  • PHOTO: Classic Swanson TV Dinner. Courtesy of Swanson/Pinnacle Foods.

    This Week in History: 4/3/16

  • PHOTO: Al Capone. Chicago Tribune Archives

    This Week in History: 5/01/16

  • PHOTO: Chicago Cubs' Ernie Banks kisses his 500th home run ball on May 12, 1970.
Courtesy of Ray Gora/Chicago Tribune

    This Week in History: 5/8/16

  • PHOTO: Tribune historical photo. Performers sing "Merry Widow" for WGN radio, circa Oct. 4, 1941

    This Week in History: 5/15/16

  • PHOTO: Korean War veteran John Billingham of St. Louis pauses to read the inscription about Pearl Harbor from President Franklin D. Roosevelt: "...A date that will live in infamy..." Veterans and their guardians on an Honor Flight from St. Louis, MO were able to visit the WWII memorial today, as well as the Korean and Vietnam Veterans' memorials, despite the government shutdown.Amy Davis / Baltimore Sun /Tribune Publishing

    This Week in History: 5/22/16

  • The Stanley Cup. Courtesy of WGN Radio’s Dave Plier, June 15, 2015.

    This Week in History: 3/13/16

  • PHOTO: Cicero’s new ice rink will be named after Blackhawks great Bobby Hull, left, shown in the early 1970s. (Tribune file photo, Chicago Tribune / January 11, 2008)

    This Week in History: 3/20/16

  • PHOTO: The WGN-TV mobile unit in operation on the street as it rehearsed programs for opening tonight at Illinois Street and the WGN Building on April 4, 1948. — Hardy Wieting, Chicago Tribune Archive Photo

    This Week in History: 3/27/16

  • "Bill Veeck Night" on September 1980 at Comiskey Park provides adoring fans with an opportunity to salute the Sox's departing president and gives the 66-year-old showman a chance to return the affection.Veeck attended despite having a 102 degree temperature. He was unable to take part in the fun and had to leave 15 minutes before the game ended on Sept. 30, 1980. (Gerald West, Chicago Tribune)

    This Week in History: 1/21/16

  • PHOTO: Rick Dale. Courtesy of The History Channel.

    Restoring American History with Rick Dale


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