‘I never imagined equality was going to come’

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Andrea Darlas interviews Kristen Ellis-Henderson, the bass player for the internationally renowned rock band, “Antigone Rising,” after Ellis-Henderson and her partner, Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson, were selected to be on the cover of Time Magazine this week.  With the issue of same-sex marriage taking center stage at the U.S. Supreme Court this week, Time’s cover story features the couples kissing under the headline “Gay Marriage Already Won.”  Kristen and Sarah are legally married in New York and have two children.

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Kristen Ellis-Henderson (far right) and her partner, Sarah Kate Ellis-Henderson, celebrate their wedding with their children.


  • Delma S. Fleming

    How beautiful is LOVE and how perfectly it has incarnated
    in Sarah and Kristen! My admiration and my prayers for the beauty of your love.

    Delma S. Fleming, Ph.D.
    Psychogist for forty twe years
    Puerto Rico

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