John Records Landecker on his new memoir

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  • Josie

    Why does Brandmeier feel compelled to scream at the audience in the morning? Can I get the sidekick’s job of just giggling constantly? Yeesh. Advertise this show in middle schools across the land

  • Dow Jones

    This is a great interview! However, it cuts-off halfway. I would love to hear more from Landecker! Yeah baby!

  • Mr Right

    Another interview JB made about himself. I, me, my…
    Every time. He yells because he has nothing, Josie.

  • Jojo

    Since we're all being honest here, I'm not sure why Jonny B yells, but why do you feel the need to be negative? If you don't like it — don't listen, and for God's sake don't go to the website and listen again. Yeesh!

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