Show Opener, Mar. 22nd

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Garry follows up on the Mr. G’s Supper Club and Entertainment Center shooting and how rap artist Little Mouse was there and left with his mother before the shootings. Apparently his mother accompanies him to all his events. “Ma, how did I sound tonight?’ “Son, way to go singing about those bee-otches!”

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  • Sponge

    Gary, back in the 70's i had this crush on this Girl named Diane D, we went to school from 5th grade
    up until seniors at Roosevelt high school. I finally had the nads to ask her out to a beach boys concert
    when we were 10th grade, I thought i would be nice and ask her Mom what time she had to be home. she said 10:30, it was a school night, the Beach boys arrived 2 hours late, the started at 9:30, we had to leave at 10 to get her home. That was my one and only date.

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