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Petcast: Pets are good for you!

You’ve heard it before, pets are good for us. But how do we know that and put this knowledge into practice? The scientists who study human/animal interactions and those who participate in programs, like animal assisted therapy or reading programs, are all coming to Chicago – as a part of the International Association of Humane Animal Interaction Organizations (IAHAIO), and the 150th Annual American Veterinary Medical Association Convention. And you’re invited, as Dr. Rebecca Johnson (IAHAIO President) explains. This is the first time that an IAOHAIO Conference will be in the U.S.

Dr. Mark Russak, past president of the American Animal Hospital Association explains that seeing a veterinarian for preventive care not only benefits your pet, it benefits your wallet. Need proof? Listen.

Fleas are not welcome. Veterinary Parisitologist Dr. Michael Dryden says you can get the best of parasites, and explains how to win the war.

Speaking of parasites American Animal Hospital Association CEO continues that discussion, and includes heartworm in the mix. Heartworm can be prevented, and lives saved – if only pet owners did he right thing.


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