And now, your Rosemont Cubs!

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  • Ryan P

    Shut the front door, get outta here! There's no way you can take the Cubs out of Wrigley.
    Nu-uh, not going to happen.

    We're going to go with a hard 'No' on moving the ball club.

    • Chuck

      If the Yankees can leave historic Yankee Stadium and all of it's history and championships, the Cubs can certainly leave 100 year old Wrigley for a new modern stadium with parking and all the nice new modern amenities.

  • Curt

    First, I think that story is a plant. I bet Stephens & Rickets have surreptitiously talked about doing this. Now they want it out in the public.

    It sounds good to some on paper. But once Wrigley Field is gone, it's gone. There's no coming back. It's called killing the goose that laid the golden egg. It will not be the same, they will just be another popular baseball team. You won't get the tourists from other cities that come to the park. I've been to countless Cub games (and games in almost every park in the country). Lots of fans in the cheap seats where I sit come from out of town w/ cameras in hand. This won't happen at a new park in the suburbs once the newness wears off.

    Fenway in Boston has no parking now. They threatened to move & tear down to gain leverage. The Yankees did the same thing. You guys at WGN are naive in the goal to gain leverage. Also, they may not necessarily be called the Chicago Cubs. That’s a legal matter. The Patriots moved out of Boston and are now called the New England Patriots, not Boston.

    Why not just play at Sox Park? They have good parking and CTA access. The two teams are very seldom are home at the same time anyway. They can share the stadium/park. That's the most efficient method of using an existing structure. (I don't like that either.)

    So go ahead and move. See what happens. I bet revenues will decrease after the honeymoon is over in a couple years. And there will be unintended consequences.

    Curt J.

    • Nick

      Goodbye to dealing with Rahm and the city 10% amusement tax and best of all – all the whiny complaining neighbors who are always bitching. Thriving businesses and property values through the roof, rooftops now turned into million dollar ventures and none of it is enough. They'll have no night games or concerts to cry about…perfect.

      And as far as being called the 'Chicago' Cubs…remind me again where the Chicago Wolves play?

      • Bill

        No one cares about Rosemont. Moving a team out there will kill the franchise. As for the Wolves, when's the last time they sold out? More to the point, when's the last time you were even at a Cubs game? Easily 50% of the attendance in Wrigley are there to drink or just see the "historic" Wrigley Field, then go out to the bars after. I lived in Wrigley for a year. No one complains, it's noisy during the summer, but if you live in Wrigleyville you expect it. Trust me no team that actually means anything will ever go to a shithole like Rosemont. It's a dead town that houses meth heads living in trailer parks. Do you really believe a team like the Cubs will ever move out of somewhere as great as WRIGLEYville to a shithole like Rosemont? You're delusional if you believe so.

  • Stum

    Good for the goose good for the gander…. We've argued with the neighbors of Wrigley Field about how they knew the Parking, the Crowds, the Drunks, and the Urinators were there before they bought their yuppie homes…. Ricketts bought the Cubs knowing the history, the Age the Chicago politics and the Chicago graft … Fix the damn field leave the nostalgia and the neighborhood alone… Keep letting the golden goose lay eggs.. Don't break it by trying to yank out a couple of extra ones!!!

  • Bill

    Sounds like a bunch of suburban folks talking out their ass. It would never ever feel the same if they moved out of the city. That's just crazy talk. Why would anyone want to watch baseball in a sterile setting? I'd never go.

  • Jake

    I think it's a great idea. A nice new ballpark with a retro feel to it in the suburbs. The crowds will be big. The rooftop owners can go sit up on the roof and try and sell tickets to an empty lot.

  • Ron

    The reason the Cubs sellout every year at Wrigley is because Wrigleyville is a fantastic setting for baseball. It's alive, it's hectic, and it's a hell of a lot of fun. Baseball itself is a slow sport, and if all you have to offer is a shiny new ballpark in the middle of nowhere, especially with a below average team such as the Cubs, you will lose fans in droves. The White Sox have made wonderful improvements to the Cell and the food is great, but it's right in the middle of Bridgeport and Bronzeville, two areas that historically hate one another. Pull up U.S. Cellular Field and put it in the South Loop, the Sox would sell out nearly every game. Location is key. The city should let the Cubs make the necessary improvements to the park as they see fit, after all this is a major league franchise. It's a win/win for everyone involved.

  • Robert

    It's time for the Cubs to start thinking about building a new facility. Wrigley Field is great but it is old. I feel just like what a previous poster said that if the New York Yankees can leave Yankee Stadium behind for a brand new modern facility, then the Cubs certainly can. The Cubs haven't won a world series going into it's 105th year. Just think about that for a minute. The History of the Cubs at Wrigley Field is not exactly one to write home about. They haven't won there. I definately think it's time for a change.

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