The stars of ‘Jekyll & Hyde’

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  • Chad Loveland

    The show was amazing with the exception that Constantine Maroulis is awful. I have not until this point walked out of a show and verbally commented on who terrible it was. I also stated "thank god he finally died." The disappointing thing is that other felt the same away as conversations started about how bad it was. Conversations that lasted from the theater to the Red Line and all the way home. Everything about the show is amazing, except him. David Hasselhoff played the role better, and that is pretty sad.

  • Guest

    It was an amazing show and the music was outstanding. Would recommend it highly. Constantine Maroulis has a wonderful voice and his acting was masterful as was the acting and music of Deborah Cox.

  • VickyW

    I had never seen any previous versions of "Jekyll & Hyde" and had no idea what to expect. This production totally blew me away. I was at the edge of my seat throughout, totally caught up in the story and mesmerized by the musical numbers. All of the cast did a stellar job and I was particularly impressed by the dramatic skills of the leads. Deborah Cox's performance moved me to tears as the spunky yet ultimately doomed Lucy. And Constantine Maroulis held me spellbound, as he transformed from the quiet, gentle Jekyll, to the wild, sexy, animalistic Hyde. Wow, that man can sing! Don't miss it.

  • Sharon

    I loved the show…saw it a few times over the holidays in two different cities. Constantine IMO should be nominated for a Tony..he was simply fantastic not only with his singing but his great portrayal and transformation of Dr Jekyll to Edward Hyde and back again and again. Debroah Cox's Lucy was great..and her voice is very sultry and sexy. Constantine and Deborah are perfectly cast in this revival and I highly recommend to everyone. I bet you give a standing O to its STARS at the end. BRAVO !!

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