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Should bass fishing be a sanctioned high school sport?

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There are many state-approved sports that high school students can participate in, but bass fishing isn’t one of them in Missouri. Jim Huson, a teacher and coach at Missouri’s Republic High School, makes his case as he pushes for bass fishing to be officially endorsed by the state as a high school sport.


Matilda Montgomery (left) and Sam Roseare members of the New Trier High School Bass Fishing Team, taking advantage of yet another warm day, working on their casting techniques as well as other fishing skills at Forest Way Grove in Northfield. (Phil Velasquez / Chicago Tribune)


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  • stan white

    You bet! I think most Missouri schools would be impressed if we all go to our local schools and show and share our suppor not only in person but to also be willing to provide boats and access to the area lakes. Bass fishing not only teachers young adults how to win and lose, but also how to learn the habits and conditions that the bass present everyday which I believe will allow our young adults to think and reason out where the bass are and what they want to hit. It can be more complex by far then a math test. and gives our kids a reason to be in the great outdoors

  • Golf Review

    Well, fishing is one of the nice and entertaining sports and according to my personal opinion, they should have to promote this sports. Any ways, I feel glad to read your post. Thanks for sharing.

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