Sequestration & TSA absurdity

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Sequestration-related cuts being made at regional airports cause Turi and Paula to wonder about inconsistencies in TSA policy on what is allowed through airport security. How are pool cues and hypodermic needles allowed, while wooden hair pins and pickled herring are not?


A TSA employee checks identification at a security checkpoint inside Terminal 3 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Friday, February 22, 2013. (Chris Sweda/ Chicago Tribune)

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  • Sarah in Rogers Park

    re: TSA/bras 03/10/13
    Dear Turi:
    Have you tried the "Ahhh" bra? It contains no bones or underwiring and holds you up while giving you a lovely cleavage. It is so comfortable you can wear it 24/7. It lasts a long time and – if you know where to shop – only costs $10/ea. I went to the "Ahhh" bra after I broke my arm a few years back and fastening a bra in back became impossible. Bras which hook in front tend to leave a woman sagging… It is wonderful to have a bra free of hooks, bones, wiring. Also, a couple of my doctors recommended I cease and desist using underwire bras. [I also like the way it comes with little triangular pad inserts which protect the nipples.]

    Last but not least, did you hear about the woman who was wearing an underwire bra and got struck by lightning, there? (–!–)

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