You can sue for what!?

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  • stopmadness

    What else will we do. Many of us who know what this is understand that this is not eye rolling. The work things out thing is usually the statement of a bully. Wouldn't life be great if you could just say "leave me alone"

    These things that need "worked out" are someone targeting you to demean and harass you with the intent of having you lose your job. Just like the representative at the hearing said …"what do you do? they are intent upon harassment and laws say that if you fight back with violence you go to jail, if you flee you lose your job…. Fight or flight is what happens when a sicko is calling you vile names within your workplace. Or threatening innuendo. Your body goes into a state of fight or flight and is at extreme stress. You need recourse. You are fooling yourself if you think it's about coming to some kind of agreement that they will leave you alone.

    Standing around threatening or calling vile vulgar names. It is consistent and gets more brash and you are not able to fight or flight.

  • stopmadness

    This is not an "interpersonal" relationship. This is a person TARGETING YOU for abuse and even if you stand up… will continue to stand up and will be standing up every day. A hostile workplace is what it becomes but is not based on race or sex so it is not actionable by law.

    We need a law.

    Those who know nothing about this think that it sounds absurd…….yea it does, but guess what? there are sociopaths and yes they are in our workplaces. They will nearly stalk you to bring you down and provoke an altercation. You need civility at work, parents go to work to get these pay checks and when this happens it erodes the family and eventually foreclosure and economic catastrophe.

    You have to know that BYSTANDERS do not stand up. They watch the harassment and cower.

  • stopmadness

    Employers should be held to create a safe environment at minimal levels. Employers don't stop the humiliation and provoking behavior. If there was a law, they'd make it known that there are boundaries and workers must be able to focus on work while at work and a bully creates distraction as you are constantly splitting your attention on protecting yourself and trying to get work done.

    The mess spoken of with the harassment and pranks and vile slurs and constant torment is REAL and is happening just like you were back in grade school. You cant punch them out because you have to maintain couth. You will go to jail if you fight. You cant leave because you need your pay.

    These "back em down" strategies do not work if you've ever been in a real insidious workplace condition. The person who "backed em down" and it worked is a rarity.

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