Uptown alderman battles Salvation Army over food truck

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Brian discusses the battle between Ald. James Cappleman (46th) and the Salvation Army over a food truck in Uptown, which he sees as a “disincentive” to those in need. Mark Brown of the Chicago Sun-Times joins Brian on the phone for a live update as he continues to follow the story.


Ald. James Cappleman (Nancy Stone/ Chicago Tribune)


  • Jon Trott

    Thank you for covering this important set of issues. The situation is not merely about the Salvation Army feeding the poor; it is also about one building (the Chateau) which the Alderman helped shut down (no indication where the very poor and long time residents are today), the Wilson Men's Club (targeted by this Alderman in an attempt to close all such SRO's within Chicago, again w/ no indication of where the men in would go), and the various other actions large and small through the Alderman's office aimed at homeless men in particular. Vilifying the Alderman is stupid. But targeting his GOP approach to the poor in Uptown, again esp. homeless men, is vitally important. I hope to hear from the Mayor's office about Rahm's support for not only the Salvation Army but all social service agencies in Uptown. The goal seems to be to unravel the safety net for the homeless; by doing that the Alderman may hope to rid himself and Uptown of a majority of homeless citizens. This is *not* how progressive politicians are supposed to behave. Mr. Cappleman cannot have it both ways. He is either a Republican on the key social issue facing Uptown or he will have to radically change the way he does business. I hope and pray the second option will be the one he chooses.

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