Violence Against Women Act


  • Joy Heminger

    Mike should stick to topics that he knows something about, although I don't know what those would be. The comments made today about domestic violence are insulting to victims of violence and show, once again, that Mike's opinions are delivered from a bully pulpit and are totally without facts. He seems to think that women should avoid annoying men in order to prevent violence. What nonsense!

  • Ilene Wolf

    I was totally amazed at the erroneous information you had on your show about domestic violence. Just for one example, you stated that abuse is a 50/50 matter between men and women. A small amount of investigation would have informed you that of spouses killed each year by their partners, 84% are women which leaves 16% being men. That does not sound 50/50 to me. You endanger women who may now be afraid to come forward about abuse in their homes because of your conversation. I have practiced law for 38 years and dealt with 100's of abuse situations. In all of them, only one was a man. I was very disappointed that such a powerful station would allow this on the air.

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