Trying to make sense of Obamacare

Rob Basso, the President of Advantage Payroll Services and the author of the Everyday Entrepreneur, tries to make sense of Obamacare.

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  • E.J.

    Thank you Carol….just the tip of the iceberg today and we would really like more info as it comes out. Unfortunately, cannot tune in at time of show and VERY DIFFICULT to get right to info on WGN web. This is so important to all and hope something would be set for us to search directlly & FIND the websites always given. (Along w/more specific answers. thanks again very much & hope I will be able to find regular updates to clarify my position as an employee (part-time) and how this is going to affect my situation if I am already carrying Medica and a supplement. So far, am only hearing everywhere the angle from the small business owner. thought/facts for this? would be appreciated.

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