My Mom the Art Forger

Bill Leff visits with Keith L.T. Alexander, author of ‘Forgery of the Month Club’ which chronicles the work of his mother ‘Anita the Burglar.’


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  • Marge

    This guy is not legit. We lived in that neighborhood in the 60's to 70's and that neighborhood was not a Wild Wild West. Our whole family lived there. You need to check this out Bill. I am talking a trip there to see if the castle is still there but don't remember one. You are smarter than that Bill don't be conned.
    In the mean time I will be talking to my nephews and the guys they hung out with to further prove my theory. My kid went to school at Chase at 2021 N Point and it was not the Wild Wild
    West then. It did become a rough neighborhood in later years.

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