Show Opener, Feb. 12th

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  • Mike M

    Gary, listened to your show yesterday……Lincoln trivia. Here is an interesting trivia on Lincoln assassination and the Vatican.

    There was four people hung, "conspirators" with John Wilkes Booth. If you saw the Robert Redfort movie about Mary Surrott who was one of the four people hung. Her son, John Surrott, backed out and escaped to Canada, then to Ireland England and eventually to Italy where he got a job at the Vatican as a guard. Not swiss guard. Once it got hot and he heard the U.S. gov. was after him he ended up in Egypt where he was arrested and brought back to trial. He was found not guilty because he was not tried in a military trial like his Mother. The Pope at the time worked with the U.S. government in allowing the arrest at Vatican city but he escaped and made it all the way to Egypt.

    Mike M (Arl Hts)……….p.s. enjoy your show!

  • Jan H

    Garry, another show that has to do with time travel is Continuum. I think you can get it on Showcase (AT&T). Cop from 2077 got sent back to 2012 with 5-6 bad criminals. She wants to go back to her family in 2077, but hunts down the criminals in 2012. Actually is a pretty god show and rather addictive. Lead lady cop is good.

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