How raising the minimum wage can affect your small business

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  • Carla

    Finally someone speaking the truth about the systemic problem in our country. As a small business owner I too wish people would understand, that yes while I have my own interest at heart I also employ others and provide them a livelihood. My employees get paid first and I get paid last and sometimes during lean months not at all. In the last two weeks I have hired two new people. During the process I had applicants email me to call them if I am interested instead of them taking the initiative, applicants with felony records which they did not disclose, applicants with embarassing and scandalous social media sites highlighting their poor judgement and behavior. I had to make two and three requests for resumes. I had interviews set up and applicants where no-shows. I even had one applicant ask if I could work out the compensation in a way so they could still stay on unemployment while working for me. Lack of accountability is truly at an epidemic proportion.

  • Carla

    For me, I will continue to work my 70 hour work week, drive my business to be succesful, continue to reinvest my own money and take risks daily, treat my employees with respect, allow them a good living and know that I as a small business owner am doing my share. I can only hope that those who demonize us will step up and be accountable for being part of the problem.

  • grace

    The probably is not small business it's the system you got these politicans in office stealing campaign money that could feed entire county thenmost of the company move out of Illinois by taxes being high, then you got tax payers money going ever where except the schools and firemen, teachers,not the small business it'the crookes that know the system where is all the money that Gov stole from people but he suppose to be on house arrest at restaurant, laws are different when you got money if they do the crime then they should not reap the benefits they were due when in office this is why?small business is just what they call them small because the big business stole, loan and move with all the benefits we as people put in to make it grow now they have left the small people trying to hold the city together. You be ok if you keep faith.

  • grace

    The corruption heere in Illinois is outrigeous , shame on the people we elected who should go jail due the time loses there pension, social security benefits, and anything else they got to paid the trial bills. people do you know we as votes don't know where tax money they take from us goes everyone makes decisions with the money we paid tax from and Chicago, is still corrupted, shame to say I live here taxes, going up, carefare going up, gas going up food prices sky rocketing but the people we voted for out spending campaign money like it was theirs. we the next election come let's not donated then see what the running canidate do about funds they don't have any money this is why ask peoples then for the trains, buses, to be filty, streets unsafe, vacant building open to elements, come on gangbangers on corner in the morning when you leave for work still selling drugs on cornor when you come back home. Police riding all day not pulling them over get off corner but stop woman,or man, or even teenager coming from school with bag on his back.Come on people let read theses statements think about it.

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