Actor Robert Blake

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  • Bklyn54

    Great interview with Johnny B. The only thing missing was the profanity you knew Bobby B. was self-censoring. He the same guy you remember from the Tonight Show interviews with Johnny Carson in the 70's. Robert Blake is a show biz icon who happens to be a good actor. The man can tell a story like NO ONE. And he's never changed.

  • Guest

    Blake is mistaken if he thinks there is a Canadian version of Johnny out there for him to do such a great interview with, that's why Johnny is such a talent. There is nobody in radio I've come across that can make an interview as fun as JB and make the interviewee feel as comfortable as JB does, even people that you would think won't make good radio, Jon makes it worthwhile listening. He managed to make a Robert Blake interview fun while not being bothered by the elephant in the room because Jon doesn't care about that sort of stuff and the show isn't about that stuff either. Humberto with the IKEA wife can atest to that. :D

    • lainey

      i have a lot of respect for robert blake because he tells it like it is and is not a phony. also he is a great actor. johnny b is a wonderful interviewer and i love his program.

  • David White

    Brandmeier's show is not getting any better. I hope every day is his last one on WGN. Robert Blake seems like someone at Brandmeier's level. I wish Bill Leff had the morning show.

  • suzanne sauve

    What a great interview. I watched Phil and my heart went out to Bobby Blake. Glad to hear that some of his antics were acting. My heart broke, well done Robert!! It took me months to try and figure out how to get his book (I live in Canada). Finally ordered it and had it delivered close to border. Went on a day trip to the Statesto get it. Best book I ever read. It hooks you right away. I am near the end and had to look up Robert Blake because you get so involved emotionally that you have to know how he is today. I am talking about it to all my friends and I'm hoping to see this wonderful actor in a film soon. Best of luck Robert Blake.

  • sk

    Good to have found this. You got the Blake that Piers couldn’t. The joke’s on Piers, cause he got fired LOL You keep stroking Mr.Blake. Your ‘beautiful film’ is out there. Hopefully it will figure out how to find you, but you might have to help it navigate. Good luck is something you find.

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