1-Ed Rimson
1. Queen                            Bicycle Race
2.Christopher Cross          Ride Like the Wind
3.The Jelly-dots                  Bicycle
4.The Knickerbockers       Lies
5.Neil Young                     Needle and the Damage Done


2- Jeff Balcer

1. Summer Rain by Johnny Rivers mentions Sgt Peppers

2. Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy mentions the Beatles

3. Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You by Sugarloaf mentions John, Paul and George and plays a little of I Feel Fine

4. Key West InterMezzo by John Mellencamp mentions John Lennon

5. Ball of Confusion by the Tempatations mentions the Beatles.

3. Joan Kopowski

1. Hello- Lionel Richie

2. Old time Rock & Roll- Bob Segar

3. Honkey Tonk Woman- Rolling Stone

4. Imagine – John Lennon

5. Shaft (theme)- Isaaic Hayes

4. Bob Baker

1 .The all mighty dollar- Ozzy Osborne
2 .I don’t want to stop -Ozzy Osborne
3 .Smooth- Santana
4. Aint talkin bout love- van Halen
5. Imagine- john Lennon


5- Pat Wigdinski

1.marrakesh express  by  crosby stills and nash
2.badge    by cream
3.gimme gimme good lovin   by  crazy   elephant
4.she came in through the bathroom window  by joe cocker
5.rainy night in georgia    by    brook   Benton


6- David Belle

1.Thirteen lyrics  –   Garbage                              

2.Thirteen Lyrics – Elliott Smith

3.Thirteen Lyrcis  –  Jeff Tweedy

4.Thirteen Lyrics  –  Johnny Cash

5.Thirteen Lyrics  –  Megadeth

7-Steve Krebs

1-Riding with the King” by B.B.King and Eric Clapton
2-You Got It” by Roy Orbison
3-Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones
4-Hot Legs” by Rod Stewart
5-Twist & Shout” by The Beatles

8- Crystal Edwards

1.The Night Before- The Beatles
2. I’ve Just Seen a Face- The Beatles
3. Rain- The Beatles
4.Two of Us- The Beatles
5. Martha My Dear- The Beatles


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