Feb. 1st

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1- Steve Foltin

1-Inna godda da vida…Iron Butterfly
2-Badge…Eric Clapton
3-Cinnamon Girl…Neil Young
4-Because the Night…10,000 Maniacs
5-Sky Blue and Black…Jackson Browne

2- John Dingledein

1.Whole Lotta Rosie —- Ac/Dc
2.Hot Legs  — Rod Stewert
3.Black Dog  —-Led Zepplin
4.Revolution  —–Beatles
5.Show Me The Way —-Peter Frampton

3-Dave Fellberg

1-Joan Jett – I love rock and roll

2-Steve miller -Jet airliner

3-McCartney and wings- Jet

4-Aerosmith -Dream On

5-B-52s- Love Shack


4- Courtney Thomas

Crazy Mary, –Pearl Jam

Do the Evolution, –Pearl Jam

This is not for You,– Pearl Jam

Life Wasted,– Pearl Jam

Keep on Rocking in the Free World, –Neil Young or Pearl Jam

5-Peggy Wojnicki

1.Call on Me– CHICAGO

2.Happy Man– CHICAGO

3.Mongonucleosis– CHICAGO

4.Wake Up Sunshine– CHICAGO

5.Old Days – CHICAGO


6-Jennifer Rice

1-Joanne–Michael Nesmith

2-Circle Sky–Michael Nesmith

3-Grand Ennui–Michael Nesmith

4-You Just May be the One–Michael Nesmith

5-Listen to the Band–Michael Nesmith

7- Jen Poremba

(ALL Hall of Oates Songs)

 1-Wait For Me

2-Everytime You Go Away (written by Daryl – but made popular by Paul Young)–

3-Did it in a Minute

4-She’s Gone (okay – everyone knows this – but still great)

5-Las Vegas Turn around (this was written by Daryl about his girlfriend Sara Allen who used to be a flight attendant)


8-Paul Lockwood

1- Whitney Houston – “So Emotional”

2- Davy Jones – The Monkees’ song “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You”

3- Etta James – “At last”

4- Robin Gibb – The Bee Gees’ song “Nights on Broadway”

5- Donna Summer – “Heaven Knows”