Jonathon Brandmeier

Colon calls: Listeners help Johnny prep for his colonoscopy

Johnny reviews his doctor’s prep instructions for his upcoming colonoscopy; callers share advice and stories from their own procedures.


1 Comment to “Colon calls: Listeners help Johnny prep for his colonoscopy”

    Laura said:
    February 7, 2013 at 8:23 AM

    Hey Johnny,

    You bring laughter to my day every day.

    I just had a colonoscopy on Monday and it is a horrible experience. The procedure is not that bad but the prep is horrendous. You cant eat the entire day before and you drink the most god awful drink you can imagine. I spent Superbowl Sunday on the couch drinking the horrible stuff and running back and forth to the bathroom. Then the morning of the procedure I had to drink more stuff. After the procedure the doctor told me I wasn't cleaned out enough and she couldn't see much because she could only see brown and green stuff, including seeds and nuts. I thought for sure they would have been able to use a vacuum to clean me out. lol So next year I have to do the prep for three days in a row which will probably kill me. Also, the anesthesia knocks you out so the day after the procedure you feel literally like crap!!!!!!!!! Prepare to spend three days total in agony.

    Good Luck!


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