Breaking down the Applebee’s social media meltdown

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  • raymond allen 123

    To help us determine what happened and how we can get better, we will enlist an independent, objective advisor to review the entire situation with us — a respected and recognized social media expert who will give us impartial insights to strengthen our community management process. We will let you know who that is just as soon as we make final arrangements.

  • raymond allen 123

    After this statement,… Applebees continues to delete posts and block users from posting on its facebook page if you post a negative comment, comment concerning chelsea welch or if you "like" a negative comment. Applebees has not reinstated any posting privelages to those it has blocked from posting on its page so that we can participate in the so called forum. Some of us have created a second facebook acct. but we still cannot post on the applebees facebook page, here is where we are gathering to talk about the Chelsea firing and the low wage that servers are paid. As you can see, there is not any foul language used ,please visit the site to see the conversations, it still may be news worthy. Applebee's claims the young girl was fired due to violation of privacy policies well, how about this policy violation that can be found here… (scroll to bottom of page) we now know where we can locate amanda. SMH

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