Rev. Jesse Jackson on Chicago violence

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Johnny talks with Rev. Jesse Jackson about his upcoming march with the Rainbow Push Coalition to honor Hadiyah Pendleton, the 15-year old girl who was shot dead in Chicago after performing at President Obama’s inauguration.


Rev. Jesse Jackson addresses the media during the 40th Annual Conference of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and Citizenship Education Fund on Saturday June 18, 2011. (William DeShazer/ Chicago Tribune)



  • John Jenkins

    Interesting how it takes the Chicago Police Department to investigate a "house of horrors" sex trafficing operation. Their detectives must have gotten their degrees online. A prostitution ring should not take 8 months for even the boy scouts to investigate.

  • Dan Fox

    One thing nobody EVER mentions – and The Good Reverend Jackson is no exception – is that families are not staying together. Father's don't raise their children and people are having children that they haven't the means to raise. If you don't have the money to be seriously, deeply involved with your children so that they stay off the street and away from gangs – STOP HAVING CHILDREN. The whole reason that the school system in this town is a wreck is because parents are not nearly involved enough with the educational process. PARENTS need to keep their children off the street and out of trouble and it is time that EVERYBODY starts disuading people who are unprepared to properly raise kids from EVEN HAVING THEM TO BEGIN WITH. This would solve so many of society's problems and you don't ever hear anyone even bring it up. Gangbangers wouldn't even exist if mommy and daddy wouldn't overextend themselves by having children they don't have the resources to properly raise. Stay involved with your children and what they are doing. Anything less is beyond a crime and should be treated as such.

    • Paul Lucas

      I agree Dan, the breakdown is a HUGE part of the problem, but NOT the only part. Poverty, poverty, poverty, family unit or no, POVERTY is the problem.

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