Fat acceptance

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  • Sara

    Great interview. People will not be getting any smaller through ridicule. I am fat and proud. I no longer diet. The diets failed NOT me. I will not continue to diet my life away. If any one does not like it too bad. These diet companies should be put out of business. Thin people have NO idea. you believe you did something to stay thin. you woke up thin one day and I woke up fat. – so what. Learn to treat everyone with respect like Jesus did. Fat isn't going anywhere and fat discrimnation should be abolished. By the way I weigh 352 bbw big beautiful pounds!! Also for your callers who were up in arms, fat isn't just caused by overeating – sorry you've been fed a line of bull by the diet industry.

  • Elaine

    it's a myth that fat somehow causes diabetes, cancer, heart disease…did you forget that kids get cancer, young beautiful 20 somethings get breast cancer who are not fat, and EVERYONE is susceptible to diabetes…NOT just fat people…it's a diservice to those who have gone to their grave who were thin with these diseases to blame it on fat.

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