Video sparks protest of Ultimate Fighting event

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(WARNING: Content not appropriate for all viewers.)

Women’s advocacy groups in Chicago are urging the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization to prevent a fighter who appeared in a video that made light of rape from fighting Saturday at an event in the United Center.

Sharmili Majmudar, executive director of Rape Victim Advocates in Chicago, said she and other activists came out with a letter of opposition Thursday because Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, the man in the video, is about to fight on Chicago turf.

“It’s kind of despicable that anyone would take so lightly the issue of sexual violence,” Majmudar said. “This isn’t Chicago. This is not something that’s consistent with Chicago (values).”

Although UFC officials say they find the video tasteless, they suggest another motivation behind the letter and the news release that accompanied it, said Lawrence Epstein, UFC’s chief operating officer.

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