Dr. Conrad Murray: It’s his phone call and he’ll cry if he wants to

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    • Terri Marszalek

      I totally agree!! Conrad needs to rot in there and then rot in Hell for what he did to Michael!! He has been whining ever since he's been in there!! Maybe he should have thought about his future before he did what he did to Michael!! I don't have no kind of sympathy for this man what so ever!! Never did and certainly never will!!


    Cry me a river exactly. This so called Dr killed someone ,lied about it ,got caught and Still hasnt taken the blame and he wants people to feel sorry for him,I find it funny that only when in jail he gets to feel what MJ was feeling and asking for help but this Dr didnt help MJ so why should he recive help . Let this drama queen finnish his time behind bars ,CRY BABY MURRAY . PS love your take on this storie i just cant stop laughing thanks WGN raidio

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